Hamburger and mutton in the thinking of the nternet, O2O is still not betrothed yet

In fact, most

don’t like to speak the word Internet thinking, what is the Internet thinking? What would have been the established pattern, but the theory of this kind of thing is from the success of the case summed up, sorting out the advantages and principles, then the name, it is convenient to our offspring, so don’t tube he called the Internet thinking the success of O2O or cheats, we look at the main contents of the main operation support behind the growth of them.

broke last year with a WeChat O2O, the original barbecue shop, this year also fire a home West master hamburger, always touch up the industry business bigwigs in the O2O industry, the layout is too wide but lost their small and delicate operation advantage.

let’s fine "Internet thinking" this hidden in the hamburger and mutton string in

one, user and product supreme,

Li Ye’s original barbecue, all kinds of food hygiene and safety, self storage, logistics Goods are available in all varieties. only choose SF and just in time, but later found the implementation of part-time students within the city on time service, the millions of years to make the story once caused the crowd of O2O mode favored.

original barbecue selected initially opened in Taobao, after getting a good business reputation and began to the line, and in a variety of micro-blog WeChat push information and promotional activities, the rest is to skim the advertising taste, combined with the hot social practical experience and tips from the user’s point of view, increase the user viscosity.

to develop the most suitable for the user’s hamburger size and taste, less man to the kitchen as a laboratory, developed 12 cm diameter: a hamburger for breakfast is enough, save too small enough to eat and not eat too much trouble; and developed a series of precise control of hamburger quality process: selected a cook ten pounds of meat and how much water, how much seasoning or cook 15 pounds of meat and how much the best water and seasonings taste mode.

of the user and the product first "both online and offline is also extremely important key operation, or rather a fundamental foundation, not all of these are empty, even if a lucky business is on the upgrade sooner or later fall.

these are the Internet directly attracted from offline operating experience, is any business for a long time the law of survival, so is also thinking of the Internet, not just thinking of the Internet features, like the West master hamburger what linear calculates the best formula, in the absence of "Internet when thinking", but is "secret" and "exclusive" development.

two, accurate positioning and feedback, and repeatedly improve the user experience

barbecue guild according to the season, giving the most appropriate selection of goods and to a proper extent, such as for summer and winter different carbon crystal, suitable for spring April and May, some single large amount of customers can get free gifts such as tents.

various WeChat micro-blog activities are also said to have been made:

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