For two years, how did the little red book run from the Hongkong shopping guide to the unicorn club

Abstract: and other cross-border electricity suppliers from buyers or logistics, video live cut into the market is different, the little red book started from the shopping community. In this regard, Qu Fang said, each model is to solve different problems, different dimensions of the problem.


had heard of the little red book is a good color value of temperament, there is an obviously can rely on face to eat but insists on the founder of Mao Wenchao with the strength to speak, in June this year in Shanghai to play a little red book "meat to send a single service, a number of minutes to capture the heart of girl. That is new or black or red book founded more than two years, a way to run, the cross-border electricity supplier in this piece of the Red Sea kaijiangtuotu. Completing the B round of financing, the little red book will soon be among the $one billion club and become one of the most potential unicorns in many of Shanghai’s ventures.

is located in the Huangpu District Renaissance SOHO two floor of the little red book, a door on the left side wall that carves printed white slogans – any place you want to go, there are no shortcuts, people instantly tribute. Through the open end of the office with more than 100 people, everywhere snacks, all-weather supply all kinds of drinks, said little red books have their own kitchen downstairs, dedicated to their employees and distribution of three meals a day.

just yesterday morning, in the brush small book community recommended, I did not suppress the moment, I got the two single. And the page every dozens of seconds pop-up single message reminder, let people curious, little red book with what can attract so many people active here?.

"we’re not really overnight, but we’re lucky enough to catch the air,"

with the upgrading of consumption and lifestyle changes, overseas shopping has gradually become a new lifestyle favored by the new middle class population, resulting in a new form of consumption and electricity supplier form. However, due to asymmetric information, many users in the sea Amoy it is difficult to get comprehensive shopping information, of course, may not have the energy and time to soak inside. This pain point based on the red book to share shopping guide information started to build a whole by the user contributed content (UGC) shopping information platform, users can find the world’s good stuff here, the line will be moved to the online shopping scene, and joined the real purchase user endorsement. Users upload professional content, overseas shopping users can get detailed shopping in little red book".

from the beginning of 2013, outbound travel for Chinese for a high frequency events, with the upgrading of consumption continues to deepen, we want to buy more things, such as toilet cover, electric cooker etc.. But because of regional differences and language differences, many people do not know what to buy, and we feel that this is a need to seize." Says Qu Fang, co-founder of the little red book, explaining the original intention of founding the little red book.

little red book was originally called the Hongkong shopping guide, and it was handed down in the form of PDF. >

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