Let Baidu fast included new skills ZhengZhan articles

on the A5 for the first time published articles! Today tell you about my site construction experience, talk about how to let Google and Baidu quickly included all of your site,

!When I began to prepare for the establishment of a

is utterly ignorant of to SEO! Differentsomething later after they gradually began to learn SEO knowledge! Now it is SEO rookie! When the site started construction of the total love first with traffic tools for self comfort brush flow, brush with the brush included my site suddenly it was included, included the length of the geometric form of growth. Although the article inside my website is false originality, but I also did not how to do promotion. In the backward a few outside the chain of articles, think should not reach the station included the effect of it. So I have re done 2 sites, a web site using flow tools brush, a tool without brush. Do it again at the last station. Take over the discovery is the flow tool to bring me the effect. That’s how I operate.

, such as the website I want to include.Http://s.3158-58.cn/

1. sardines flow software. Http://s.virtualvisit.cn/index.php? Inductid=fd61c337a3f9f8d7265c8360effa34e6


2. in flow system arranged in the first path: http://s.baidu.com/s? Kw=& sc=web& cl=3& tn=sitehao123& ct=0& rn=& lm=& ie=gb2312& rs2=& myselectvalue=& f=& pv=& z=& from=& word= www.3158-58.cn, a few hours after Baidu will be included in your home, then you again in the second path set http://s.baidu.com/s? Tn=sitehao123& ie=gb2312& bs=%C8%EB%B5%B3%C9%EA%C7%EB%CA%E9& sr=& z=& cl=3& f=8& wd=%C8%EB%B5%B3%C9%EA%C7%EB%CA%E9+www.3158-58.cn& ct=0 will add your site keywords. (the premise is that you collected the page to be released by Baidu) after three days, your website has been constantly included.

and there’s another advantage, that is, to improve your keyword ranking,

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