Blog on behalf of the Ming Dynasty most of the 10 factors that do not affect the ranking of the webs

many webmaster friends are very upset, website ranking is always not go up, with a lot of SEO operation method, but the effect is very little, and even appeared ranking backward or ranking disappear. To this end, on behalf of the blog summed up the most influential website rankings are not 10 factors, for everyone to analyze in the end where the problem is.


below 10 factors, the importance of descending, hoping to help webmaster friends quickly positioning problems and reasons.

influence 1: keyword optimization over.

is mainly manifested in three aspects: keyword stuffing, creating false keywords and deliberately hiding key words.

(1) keyword stack, mainly in the title, keyword tags, description tags, ALT attributes, anchor text links, web content, a large number of keywords pile up. The solution is to gradually replace duplicate keywords with relevant keywords and dilute the density of a few single keywords.

(2) to create false words, is too much "and insert keywords theme in the three pages in the independent label, such as" poly travel way "insert the words" Dai Ming blog "deliberately page three tags.

(3) deliberately hidden keywords, mainly in order to increase keyword density, deliberately set the font color and background keywords similar or the same color or set the font size into a tiny, naked eye can not distinguish. If you have these operations, it is recommended to immediately restore the keyword to normal, and then gradually replaced with relevant keywords.

impact two: spoofed web redirection.

basically is to make the page that the user visits the first time without any time jump to a page with very different content completely. In general, this jump occurs in less than 3 seconds, and the jump page is not related to the current page topic.

three: "malicious exchange advance secretly by an unknown path.

is mainly in a page to get a better ranking, the content of this web site to another site, and then this page put other content, continue to cultivate. Once this technique is discovered, it is likely that two websites will be lost by K.

impact four: copy, mirror, site, or content.

is mainly about making the content of two or more websites very similar or exactly alike. This approach is easy to get rankings in the short term, but the ranking disappears very quickly.

impact five: Bridge page / door page establishment.

itself is beneficial to the user experience, but after a lot of SEO operations, the search engine began to feel disgusted. The main idea is to train a page to act as an agent for search engines to users, and to create a page that is optimized for SEO, until the page is good

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