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Go9go link platform, from a launch, it was supported by the majority of webmaster. PV conversion rate is surprisingly high, the day PV close to W, Alexa week rankings also reached about 5W. Yes, I’ve done a few webmaster sites, the fastest rising popularity of one. Why are the webmaster so fall in love with go9go, and I simply analyzed, there are several reasons.

1: you can easily and easily find a lot of link information

1: high quality link information more than

Go9go is to do friendship links platform, to meet everyone can find suitable for exchange of friendship links, is the webmaster’s first demand. Before I did go9go, I saw a lot of similar friendship link platform. Found that most of the links on the platform, the quality of the site is very small. So from the beginning of go9go, I paid attention to high quality link information. So I built a PR6 and PR7 QQ group specially, and then let the high quality websites of these groups go to go9go to publish the link information. Although go9go has only been introduced for about half a month, the link information of high quality websites is the same. This conclusion, this is the result that I see more good link platform inside course of study and draw the result. In addition, the link information released in go9go is also very high. Some unreliable link information, such as filling QQ, or Baidu, Tencent, home page of the casual hair, this will immediately clean up.


: high quality link information that part of

2: finding websites is convenient for

because of each site type, PR is different. Not all sites will be willing to change for you, and in general, find the same type, link with the PR website, the success rate is the highest. The powerful search function of Go9go home page, can let the user quickly find the website that wants to look for. For example, I’m a PR3 shopping website, looking for similar websites to exchange. In the go9go search box, select PR3 and online shopping, similar sites are all listed out, very convenient.

legend: PR=3’s online shopping website

two: release link information, cooperation automatically find the door


Go9go link platform, the first function is to facilitate to find a suitable site, if you do not look for trouble, then you publish your website link information in go9go, explain their links in link information in the standard. Naturally, there are appropriate sites to find out and exchange links with you. When you release link information, you must be patient, and choose your website classification, link requirements and so on.

three: understand the status of the site by linking the admin back to the background.

many webmaster every day will be concerned about their own web site collection, PR situation, Baidu snapshot situation. I used to check these information regularly. But since >

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