Thought collision think it’s a bit of a shame to be a webmaster

webmaster, nice, not good-looking, saw that some people are disgusted, I do not know what is the website, do not know the meaning of the webmaster, I only know the entire network I find something real hard, I do not know I am stupid, or others deliberately in some action, in short the Internet is very difficult to find things, I do not know is really no point, there are still people everywhere in advertising writing, I am a what are not, contact network only two or three months, two or three months before, I won’t switch my computer, cultural level is limited, understanding the word is also very small, so write something is a statement impassability, but if I make evaluation of our webmaster, I can only say that there is little shame, because some people use unscrupulous divisive tactics to achieve certain effects, in order to Fei Jinxin. In the machine, the whole network is a scene of chaos, you may not be keenly aware of, that is because you are so smart, the network effect is made for people, but you let people see there, see you on the website promiscuous art, or look at your hiring practices, or to see your advertisement the effect of adding is to see your false faces, I think some people used to be engaged in some pornographic content, due to some reasons to intervene in their advertising, website development also ran his direction is full of garbage, everywhere is a scam.

I think the site, since it is a information transmission media, then you let him a little more true, false things a little less, don’t let money to change your mind and soul, don’t let the material to guide your life, look at the social reality of human eyes, with compassion. Light, with your heart which has not been polluted to the hearts of the entire sky erected a more perfect point.

some people are against the opposition, also have reason to disagree, some people are also support support support, all in all, life and work, together with the site, for your sake of future generations, for the sake of the future of children, so that they do a little early some should not touch things contact, have played a good role in the development of their future and the future, do I think to do this to children, don’t do something of no great importance.

children are the future of our motherland and the hope of the people. I really hope that some of the media will bring out some other talents for our next generation.

is the best media publicity, publicity is what is propaganda as a kind of spirit, not let you in there all day. Do not say, do not say, say or some useless, as the largest center is not good here, I think it must be true, you have made there is something to be false, to do, to do things, not a rule, but is the moral, not a moral, impersonal, is no way to get things done, to do fine, even if your success is based on you don’t know the pain.

some people will say that I stood talking, I feel there is no do taste, but.

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