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April 10th, it’s a sunny day. The wind and rain continued for many days to subside. Admin5 webmaster network Wang and staff people in love and dedication for the contribution of social welfare to come condolences to visit social welfare of disabled children. In fact, most people have not been to the welfare of children, some only know very little but also from the television drama, in the end the welfare of children is what? We are very curious! The way we are talking about their own ideas, laughing and talking. But everything turned into sadness and contemplation after today’s visit to the orphanage.

‘s understanding of the orphanage, I’m naive, too. I think that although the children of welfare homes have no parents, they have never felt any family affection, but because they are integrated into the children’s welfare home, they can be regarded as happiness in misfortune. But when I visited the destination, my idea was completely overturned. They had a happy environment, but their physical reasons made it difficult for them to be happy.

with yesterday’s stationery, daily necessities and so on, we walked into the children’s welfare home. The facilities are complete, the environment is beautiful, and all the staff are very responsible and caring. You can think of it before you come. The only thing that can not be imagined is the actual situation of these children themselves. Looking at the children of all ages in the room, they look like normal children. But if you look closely, you will find that they are different from normal children. Yes, most of these children have physical disabilities and illnesses, which is why their parents abandon them. According to the staff, there are about 300 abandoned children every year. Most of them suffer from congenital or congenital diseases and disabilities, and many children suffer from the risk of dying.

the environment affects people, that’s true. Here, looking at these children’s eyes, the usual desire, impetuous, all the bad mood will be left behind, and some just sympathy for these children’s situation and meditation. Compared to them, how happy we are. No matter what kind of disease they have, regardless of their body is severely disabled, as a parent, how difficult it can not abandon them, since they came to the world, we will try our best to let them live, abandoned only criticism of society and others. Fortunately, they are not abandoned by society, in the orphanage, all the staff are like parents to take care of them, love them, try our best to let them live like a normal child, and find the adoptive families return to society.

is not every child has the opportunity to come to the superior welfare homes to accept social assistance. There are many children in this society who need the help of our normal people. Fortunately, the development of the economy has also led to the development of the cause of love and public welfare. People from all walks of life and friends from abroad have been actively helping out

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