More than one month mother to Baidu fifth PR to 3

I have been to enterprise website construction and website optimization promotion. In June 2nd, registered domain name in, began to do the station in June 10th.

1, first of all choose good, good optimized cms. My choice is worry free, mainly considering that ASP is easy for me to use. Then you can optimize the template and streamline the code. Template optimization is mainly keywords description and web page description. That is what seoser often referred to as keywords and description. Ensure that the home page, column page, content page have different description content, avoid duplication. The title of the webpage suggests not to repeat too many keywords, anyway I see a long title to have a headache.

2, content page optimization. I mainly call tag on the basis of the original template. Tag is the keyword for content pages, and this CMS can provide tag queries. The second is the internal connection of keywords. The system also has this function, as long as the background settings related key words, when adding content will automatically set the key words and internal connection.

3, the optimization of external links

Based on the optimization of the web page itself and the internal links,

began to look for high quality chains. I have more than 100 websites on my hands, I only selected the Baidu weight is relatively high, 6, 7 web site to do the mother and child network link, keyword I choose "mother to child network"". The second step, I have a client to buy text links, I bought the text links to the customer at the same time, met the right site, I also give the maternal network to buy their own text links, so that there is a maternal network chain is good.

4 and other work, such as adding content, will not be repeated.

through the above work, Google included in a day, Baidu in about 15 days later included. Key words the net of mother and child is soaring, now ranks at fifth in Baidu, unstable in Google, hovering on the first and second pages. However, because I am not enough time, there has been no posting, posting, and so on propaganda, traffic is not too good. July 26th PR update, mother and child network rose to PR=3.

time is too short, 8 will go to participate in undergraduate correspondence course examination, wrote here, inadequacies, you master forgive me,


another AD, because I am too busy, no time to manage this station, have a fancy friends can take over, to flow up. It’s a bit wasted in my hands: -). Specific can go to my website below, direct QQ (909179784) message.

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