n today’s environment, the webmaster can only win-win cooperation

you, the younger brother and I. Remember when the site, wrote a "to two or three line city BBS webmaster a letter", in this first thank you see this article. At the same time also saw a lot of people have expressed different views, that is my main this idea is not feasible, it is difficult to implement in practice, I have to make a few empty the own opinion today.

well, let me see what everyone replies. The main points are as follows:

question 1. Whose domain name is it? How about the website space? How about the distribution of


question two who would like to cooperate?.

question three, everyone has their own direction, and there is a station, and you can not be together.

question four, it is difficult to realize the sharing of benefits.

for the above questions, I talk about one of my experience, my station is in online is a regional website, is in the south of Anhui Province (Southern Anhui) website, for the majority of the people of Anhui, their understanding of this area is not enough, I at first is the spirit of publicity in Southern Anhui the idea is to do so, only to build a forum, but we did not agree no interest to visit, which caused my present day IP are not very high, but I believe that as long as we insist on to success. But I also like most of the webmaster, just part-time to do the next site, officially because I usually do not have much time, so it is difficult to do news section. So I just remember starting a forum, because it takes a lot of time to collect news and information, which I can’t do. But I want a regional website. What about a forum?. But I don’t have the time to do it anymore. It makes me a dilemma. This time I remembered some of the ideas I had written about that and wanted to put it into practice and see how it worked. My goal is clear, is to find a southern news network, is he can’t have a forum (this is the most important factor), or certainly will cause my loss of users, I find that there is such a website, is Anhui network (www.cnwn365.com), although the site just started not long, but I think there is such a news network is better than nothing, but he did not set up the forum, this is just what I need, so find the Anhui nets webmaster, a talk with him, didn’t know each other very readily agreed (for you and you will answer it)! After all, to do so is to benefit both sides of things, Why not?? and I will be his website as my news site, and he will be my website as his forum, so that you can save your time and focus on their website, it will not cause The loss of the user, I think this is where I originally wrote the original intention of the letter is it?. Finally proved that the feasibility is there, depending on the object you look for.

, through a brief introduction above, I think that for question 1, question three, I can stop explaining, "I don’t say domain here."

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