How to improve the stability of Baidu rankings

I’m not what good writing, there is no hill big brother so the technical level, it has high eldest brother learned how much SEO has been keen to study insignificant skill, Baidu optimization, had 1, 2 turbulent flow station, although they have the wind and wind, but left me is the real experience. I will tell you what I have done in the experiment. I hope I can help you in the future SEO.

optimization is the most difficult to grasp is a light, do not go up, ruthless violation of the rules of the game, very easy to GAME OVER, so when we started SEO novice can not correctly grasp this, so we need to gradually increase the keyword density at the beginning as long as the definition of good TITLE and META information, write a good title, you may ask what good title, then we generalized said to be able to obtain the high-quality content related to long tail traffic title even a good title, we open the Baidu search for a keyword, on the bottom of the page will be long the word associated with the keyword, we open more relevant search can see these words search rankings.

in the case of NBA, we can see the live NBA, NBA video, NBA2008, NBA, NBA live online video broadcast, and so on, if we want to get these keywords in the long tail traffic, so we must pay attention to the wording of it in TITLE, Baidu has its segmentation rules, such as we write NBA online -NBA2008 Chinese video broadcast network, although this seems to contain a lot of related keywords, but that the weight is bad, we might as well as NBA live video online watch – NBA2008 Chinese, written this way, the first is to highlight the NBA live, followed by NBA2008 and then was divided into NBA segment NBA online video viewing long tail traffic broadcast and so on, not only highlights the main keywords, and bring the long tail keywords.

MATA weight is already very low, and some people specially wrote this kind of article, I will not elaborate, keywords pay attention not to repeat key words, description write as smooth as possible.

We are generally in the

home page title placed keywords, looks more in line with the user experience, but it should be noted that all is as far as possible not to take the primary key column title, also in the news title appropriate to add keywords to "trim", more in line with the user experience, SEO traces, we can refer to "film" the first look at his optimization keywords.

content to keep update, keep the original content, 2-3 content can be updated every day, it is impossible to modify other related news headlines do false original to add, not simply rely on the acquisition, did not have what effect.


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