CN new station included a little experience

my small station ( in May 6th on-line, to today’s Baidu included, I put this station included in the process I do to share with you. Hope to have some enlightenment for beginners.

The title of

1. website is better than new words. It can’t be found best through Baidu. For example, my search network, in the beginning can not find a record through Baidu.

2. web site title should be simple, do not pile up a lot of hot keywords, I started a mistake, and then get rid of it.

3. home page interface, the best can be simple and clear, the content of the page is not too much, although some brothers do garbage station, but at least do not look like garbage stations.

4. updated in time, updated every day is the best, if you can not update every day, minimum 2-3 days updated once.

5. find links, through your people and circle, find some Baidu update station every day, for you to do links. If you can’t find it, you can go to some signature forums to reply or send some popular posts.

6. to Admin5 to write soft Wen, read more articles, will naturally write, and the effect is good.

7. to adhere to, just start not every day site, the effective time used to update your web site, suddenly one day you will find, Baidu included is not very difficult.

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