nventory in 2015 left the unicorn Club start-up company

investors every day in addition to lectures, training, blowing valuation, there is a more important thing to do: to see the return on investment, that is, to strive for their start-up companies as soon as possible to withdraw (exit)".

is currently the main channel, start-up companies exit have three kinds: 1, the company profitable, do not need to be listed, to keep private state; 2, after long term preparations listed, cash in the stock market; 3, because of the long-term profit is also no rival down, and finally was acquired.

according to foreign media statistics, in 2015 a total of 7 Unicorn class startups from the $1 billion Unicorn Club exit, some of them were acquired, some of the listed market value has shrunk…… Every company has an interesting story behind it.

Gilt Groupe: industry pioneer valuation shrunk nearly half, is about to be acquired


was founded in 2007, Gilt Groupe company can be described as flash purchase business pioneer. Four years later, in 2011, Gilt Groupe entered the unicorn club because of its high valuation.

flash purchase industry the rapid rise of good times don’t last long, fast fading. 2015 in February, when Gilt Groupe fell out of the unicorn club, the valuation has shrunk to $600 million.

according to "the Wall Street journal" reported that the Gilt may be the Hudson Bay Group to $250 million acquisition of ultra low price.

Fab: out of the sale of assets net red


Fab may be the unicorn club in the first dead project, is really dead, and even no one to buy a cheap disk.

2011, the rapid rise of Fab flash sales platform, is the transition from a gay social networking site into a specially made products and special commodity flash shopping site, a. At that time, a large number of Fab recruitment, put a lot of advertising on the Facebook, did stimulate a number of market demand. 2013, Fab also took Tencent’s $150 million investment.

soon began to expand overseas strategy of Fab after they stop, capital consumption rate soared, then began layoffs, and finally come to bankrupt the company and no disk access. In 2015 March, was $1 billion 200 million valuation flash sales site Fab of the company’s assets for sale, sold only $15 million in assets.

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