ndividual stationmaster wants to open website management mentality, need import originality

learned from micro-blog that the original hot love dating program "you are the one" is also imported from abroad. It seems that I’m really out. I thought it was the original brand of the domestic program. However, Chinese variety shows have always been imported culture, Chinese TV variety show is still too little, their original, I do not know whether we learn from the ability too strong, or our innovation ability is too low. Sometimes I have to admire some ideas and ideas of foreigners. In comparison, their works are more powerful.

Think of

in the sixth session of the annual meeting of China webmaster, many guests emphasize visit foreign websites, to know the foreign Facebook, twitter turned into a social networking site, micro-blog in China, and the group purchase website and so on, the current popular network elements is not imported products. They say that the Internet makes the world a global village, and we can learn more about the latest information from foreign websites, and some new patterns will be introduced into China in a very short time. As far as Internet development is concerned, we can not help but admit that foreign Internet is more mature and creative than china. Since the Internet has opened the window for us to understand the world, we should not close our eyes, contact as much as possible and understand the latest information and ideas from foreign websites.

in the A5 forum organized "graph king once recommended foreign webmaster webmaster must enter the international learning forum" this post, open a small window for grassroots understanding of foreign Internet, to understand the basic situation of foreign websites from these sites. Only by enriching our experience can we see farther only when we stand taller. China’s traditional educational model has made us lack the ability to innovate since childhood, so now we have to imitate and draw on the latest patterns abroad. If you can first translate the content of your web site into your own web site, then you might win.

there is a webmaster predecessors said, net age is not a problem, resources is not a problem, thinking is the most critical. There are too many similar information on the Internet, users have visual fatigue, and if your site can provide different information, you can get more users. But personal creativity and ideas are always limited, then jump out of yourself and find your own ideas from the website model abroad to get more information. Before the dream River blog post "when the commercial value of the site PK social value", introduced a foreign website a record others website History page, this website is of social value, but has not been found in other countries, this is the difference of thinking.

of course, to understand what foreign websites are introducing, we must first have a slightly good English foundation. The student was told us, English is very important, is the international language, just graduated for many years, is not the knowledge to the teacher? See a lot of people are more concerned about English in Sina micro-blog, Pocket English account has one hundred thousand fans ranging from tens of thousands to several. If you take a little time to study English every day, plus the previous foundation, read the foreign websites

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