WordPress themes and web design development manuals and resources


if you want to start operations and released their first site of words, to find a suitable CMS or free platform, is a key step, usually we may choose WordPress, because it is the most popular site set up the framework and product, look at this information map you understand. In this article today, we will introduce WordPress related design, development resources and manuals, we hope to help you develop and build your own web site!


WordPress Theme Design and appreciation

, if you’re not familiar with the WordPress design, look at these designs and believe it will bring you lots of new ideas,


Theme Design Gallery


WordPress Tag


WP Inspiration




We Love WP


WordPress Cheat Sheets

, if you don’t know much about the WordPress development process and the code structure, these cheat sheets can help you,

Interactive WordPress Guide


Basic Theme Anatomy


, WP, Code, & Tags


, The, Loop:, Visual, Model


WordPress topic development framework

, if you want to quickly develop WordPress Themes, using a mature framework is definitely a good choice,



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