Grassroots mood silly to do stand honest man

I started the station by the end of last year,

after 3 months of suffering, Baidu began to include me

, I admire myself, I thought I was K, but I still try my best to do

no matter what,

now Baidu, I also received 15500, the heart is also very happy, except that googlePR did not update, there are Sogou not included

early this morning went to see his own station, there is no change in the amount of change, suddenly see PR actually 1,

was so happy,

I don’t have any special places to stand,


compared to those who can SEO and stand

, I’m really bad,

I can only say, do stand, I silly to do

keeps updating

every day

is just like a man. I just walk slower than others,

so here’s a suggestion for friends who haven’t been included in Baidu and not PR,

, we’re not standing here for Baidu PR, these

, but if you do silly things for a long time, they will add

to your station for you

‘s writing sucks,

, my station,, the same silly friends like me, can contact me, QQ:36285199

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