Simple web design helps you to attract customers

recently, a lot of e-commerce sites put a lot of information on the landing page. While they are "an immense number of books" logic is simple: the more information, more users. Unfortunately, people who shop online are always very picky.

Jacob Nielson reports that Internet users are becoming more and more impatient in the selection and purchase process. They don’t spend their time looking for information on the basis of categories or product introductions, and most people prefer to use a convenient search engine. If the user can’t find what he wants, the transaction will fail.

makes simple web design a key, especially when you need to sell, which allows users to find information faster. If a web page is filled with lots of useless text, widget or unrelated products, then the page can be said to be void.

, however, some e-commerce sites are just the opposite. They like to "blossom more", in order to give potential users as many choices as possible, and add a lot of useless information, advertising and irrelevant products to the web page. Rather than a clear web page, a product.

less products mean more attention to

many Internet companies may forget the basic rule of e-commerce: the simpler the online shopping, the better. You can buy DVD at a few clicks of the mouse at Amazon, and no one wants to drive for a few kilometers to buy. If the shopping process is simple and quick, the customer won’t even mind spending more money or waiting for some time.


Apple Corp has mastered the art of "minimalism design. If you open their home page, you’ll only see three things:

* a simple top navigation

* a product of the main part

* in the reflection section of the product related link

in addition to the standard footer navigation, the entire home page consists of only three parts. Here is a web page that hits a product (as iPhone).


on the product page, you’ll be able to see what this page is about at first glance: iPhone. The product itself occupies most of the page, surrounded by the features of the new iPhone and some applications. But more importantly, we need to know nothing on this page:

* unrelated products

* irrelevant sidebar ads

* excessive repetitions of

* messy typography

Apple Corp displays enough information with a comfortable page. There’s nothing wrong with displaying a lot of information just to make it look less. So you can see all of them too

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