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5. where can I find interesting content?. It is recommended that you use shlf1314 subscription, we can get some over the wall of the content, also easy to find others recommended content. There’s a lot of new content on the twitter. Software updates, very effective.

recently, micro-blog is very fire, in fact, if you can make good use of Web2.0, immediately without relying on SEO operations, small sites can easily get thousands of traffic. The fire of micro-blog is Sina, today to share, how to use Sina micro-blog wangzhuan. First of all, brush generation business, this is a very common operating practices. Brush fans and comments, some small businesses will be in the "eight quit" and other platforms issued tasks above, and then the task is done. I see some people holding tens of thousands of accounts, so the number of doing business on behalf of the brush is not a problem. Of course, how to operate, certainly not manual, and the domestic market already has the corresponding software, we can use. Also to mention that, at present, a large number of businesses have noticed the benefits of micro-blog marketing, so that this market is still very large.

1. locate your target population, name yourself, and head. These details should be mastered well and represent your personality.

so-called angel investors, competition is not money, not even vision, but the project source, that is, how to ensure that reliable projects continue to appear in front of their eyes. Cai Wensheng angel is unique Cheats: left for the right hand fork, knife, holding two magic in quite a long time: 265 and Chinese station home owners. The former can tell him what the website traffic surge in which station suddenly emerge, this is the quantitative analysis; the latter will let him understand that those behind the station and flow up the webmaster what do not reliable, also played a key role in the closed circle "is the master of the house, this is qualitative analysis. This is "Cai stationmaster" the secret that changes "Cai angel". In the past nearly ten years, if as an angel investor Cai Wensheng what competition threshold, that is in his side gathered a lot of others can not see the grassroots webmaster. And that has allowed Cai Wensheng to judge the trends of innovation accurately and quickly, and move faster.

Cai Wensheng resume

Graduate School: drop out of high school

from 2000 to 2003, invest domain name

Cai Wensheng said that the past two years, the biggest lesson is to see the trend, but the action is not firm enough. This year, he has voted seven or eight projects, all from the mobile internet. In an internal speech of the real fund, Cai Wensheng claimed that since March of last year, the Internet project has been stopped and only mobile Internet has been put into use. His reason is: the first stage of the Internet is changing the composition of information, second stages of entertainment and E-commerce changes in the way; and with the mobile Internet and smart phones, the traditional industry change coins

two methods, today’s talk about actual combat, then come to talk about specific methods of operation.

in 2007 by shlf1314

Wang, 4. brush the number of fans, with their number to your brush, which should pay attention to, not blindly to the main number, also can trumpet brush each others, brush, interactive real. Be the title is not worth, as they do more. The division of labor is clear and easy to implement.

6. fans get a certain amount of. It can be used for advertising. Which kind of advertisement is better?. One is online shop, go to Taobao forum, declare your micro-blog, can receive PS very quickly. There are many micro-blog market, such as blog promotion, website promotion, and more tap some customer markets. < >

from 2005 to 2007, held the three China Internet webmaster conference

date of birth: 1970

founded the China domain network and 265 in 2003, which was acquired by

, who ran clothing, real estate business, and invested in stocks, moved to South East Asia

Cai Wensheng’s investment style,

in 1993

second, in addition to individual micro-blog operating practices, small studio several people can create high number of fans of micro-blog, a certain number of fans of the large, can separate orders, for the enterprise forward publicity. Enterprises are very clear, in order to get a good micro-blog publicity effect, you need to catch the leader, tuba is the most direct way of propaganda. It’s also easy for a small studio to build a large size. As long as the implementation of the power to go, a month can have about 10 such numbers. While a number of forwarding costs ranging in the hundreds of thousands of.

3. buy new or register new number. Because now the general to go through the verification code input, even if some people have Dundian software. And there is a new time, should also pay attention to, if not several empty forwarding information, easy to seal.

work experience:


editor’s note: 58 listed on the city, the famous angel investor Cai Wensheng can not help. He is 58 city angel investors, the first in 2005 before the establishment of the city of 58 shares. In 2013, Cai Wensheng was a big success. In addition to 58 city, his investment in another page tour company Forgame10 3 also listed on the main board in Hongkong, the first day of the market value of more than 1 billion U. S. dollars. If you want to be the next Yao Feng or Wang Dong Feng, why don’t you learn the famous angel investor’s investment style and what are his wonderful suggestions for the entrepreneur?

2. uses software to select attention, such as your target population is mobile phone, use software to check the keyword of mobile phone.

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