What do Wangzhuan novice on the website to make moneyPulse new advertisers on the line and stop adve

the beginner think what kind of money the most simple? It is very difficult, but also very simple. According to their respective circumstances and characteristics, you can choose freely, only thinking, you can easily make money.

we can also do some simple information pages for weight loss, breast enhancement and so on. It is the same way to guide consumption directly.

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second: we do the analysis of the main service, to have a certain expertise for the stationmaster, such as very hot inside Wangzhuan SEO, network marketing, website production.

from now on, the pulse of the Hongkong EBAY products for the second phase of promotion.

1-49          20 yuan /  
50-99        30 yuan /  
100-199    35 yuan /    
> 200          40 yuan / month;  

according to the analysis, the present website earns money the pattern is nothing more than these three kinds: 1, hangs the advertisement. 2, selling services. 3, selling products.


receive advertisers notice, "Mobile Fetion" CPA advertising suspended promotion.

please replace the code in a timely manner, so as not to affect your earnings, thank you for your cooperation.

for example, we do a website to hang up video chat room advertising, the general idea is to make a website that adults may flow is relatively large, adult visitors to the site is the lust of the people, so hang chat room advertising more money. Do not say first illegal crime, said such a website is not so easy, at least as a forum for general novice may also hold forum forum program, the space requirements of high, this is also great difficulty, and greater risk. Then we reverse thinking, we do a chat room to guide the temptation website, the one or two page is simple, but easy to do simple web page optimization, the rankings, so the traffic is the natural flow, the quality is quite high, sh419, shlf1314 top website every day income are easily 200, webmaster do basic is to sleep, the other is to look at how a website run, don’t be K, see how alliance income, which alliance effect is better, other things without tube. Even if you go out the manual post promotion is relatively simple, because the traffic is in order to video, rather than do adult forum, the flow may be to look at the pictures and movies don’t have to go to the video. Adult BBS tens of thousands of traffic, and video guide page flow 1000 effect almost, everybody will understand, 10 thousand traffic good or 1 thousand flow good,

first analysis of the first, by hanging advertising profitable model, this premise is that the site is done, the quality is good, through promotion, traffic increases, and then to hang advertising money. Do you think the prerequisites are more difficult to do?. Then we can change ideas, website, reverse thinking, we want to hang what kind of advertising, what kind of advertising is relatively profitable?. Then make a simple ad guide for your website.

beginner may think that is the most difficult to do in the end what kind of website to earn money, the site of the premise is to must want to know what to rely on to make money.

as the saying goes: "the way out of the decision, do make money must rely on the innovation, rely on the idea, not just technology, to do Wangzhuan novice don’t expect the normal station. We’re going to make a quick money site.

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