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four months ago, Wanda cinema announcement, announced a wholly owned merger time network, won an Internet position. However, time or Wanda did not come out to announce the next plan.

always called China time network IMDb, as early as in 1998, IMDb has been bought by Amazon, but Amazon IMDb guarantee of independent operation, ensure that IMDb can continue to provide free film information to the user. But, obviously, Wanda’s desire for the Internet, so that it will not be so reserved.

these two products are not for ordinary users. Time network professional edition is the information box office statistics, data integration, users can, depending on the type of film etc. different dimensions, to select the appropriate information, aided decision making. For example, users can choose their own movies, cinemas, theaters, data comparison, but also inquiries similar films on the first day, the first week, the total box office and other historical data and trends contrast.

The main target of the

September 2015, Wanda cinema strategic investment time network 20% stake, called "the two sides launched a comprehensive film business of O2O business, the use of mobile Internet will promote and movie theaters, movie derivatives line seamless connection, to create a new mode of film business, to better serve the film makers, cinema and public viewing". In May 25th this year, with the release of Warcraft, time network announced a strategic transformation, will design and manufacture film derivatives, while supplying enterprise users and mass consumers.

Ceng Maojun, President of

Wanda cinema, is not worried about the profitability of time nets. He said that time net is profitable this year and will continue to be profitable next year. How to profit? Ceng Maojun began with the acquisition last year are illustrated in the investor conference, said in the past, are doing business to go when Wanda, negotiation process, but it is one family, 100% natural resources to it. Moreover, because it is 100% holding, so the profits of the shadow fashion in the sales are listed companies.

November 14th, Wanda and time network in Beijing held a "mobile film eco products" Strategy Conference, handed in four months since the first answer. This conference, time net launched two products: time net Professional Edition Mtime PRO and MtimeLive live broadcast.

online to make money, this should be in the previous owners and the vast majority of people are the same: Rip its nose. Until someone really got dollars, only to do a full half believe and half doubt, anyway, is free of charge. No one advice, their own slowly groping, but also really realized a lot of truth.

write this experience to share with you: television, we should all know, advertisers for television advertising money, television and then come up with some money to the people who watch the commercials. Of course, television doesn’t do that, but email companies do. For example, advertisers give e-mail companies $15, e-mail companies come up with $12 for advertising, an ad for one cent, 1200 commercials, and 1200 people always buy advertisers’ products. In such a virtuous circle, advertisers are willing to pay for advertising because they are cheap and consumers are willing to accept it because they can get extra benefits.

why foreign e-mail company development is well developed, the development of free money online mainly through the following phases.

The first stage:

with China gradually joined WTO, accepted the evening as early, early exposure to early money! Let you more money!



1. to make money or get the mail.

One of the current mainstream


apparently, after the acquisition of Wanda, time network business has changed again.

live broadcast is the movie marketing staff. Time network CEO Hou Kaiwen describes the live use of the scene. For example, when a film to hold a press conference, time network can live broadcast of the main road theater meeting, the roadshow does not cover the city, the audience can watch in the theater, and interact with the creative. And these cinemas naturally by Wanda cinema to support.

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