Ali payment delay announcementOn my history of Network Entrepreneurship

in this process, I summed up a few network experience, and share with you:

after that, I went back to Shenzhen and opened a studio, adjust the thinking and the mode of their own, since capital is not rich, so what people will not move, the 4 of them began a studio career, until now, although there is a great distance away from your goal, but at least now stand up hand, there are hundreds of customers in the maintenance, my heart is still relatively happy.

now the company’s monthly sales in 300 thousand of the appearance, 7.8 people team, although not big, but we are now more confident, and some struggle passion. This is my whole history of entrepreneurship.

2; goal: to do business must give yourself a goal, no goal without direction, daily work, monthly performance, annual sales, all need a detailed plan and direction, and constantly sum up and found that at the time of implementation, so we will go farther. Longer.

1; e-commerce is a good platform for entrepreneurship, upfront funding and

I’m a graduate of 06. Like many friends, I choose to go down south and pursue a career with a good dream. Let me share with you my work history and entrepreneurial process:

to + 3; industry: as the saying goes: success is 99% perspiration and 1% talent, so I decided the key to success lies in hard work and effort, after determining their goals is to move forward, never compromise.

1; belief: a person to do a big business, must have a strong belief in the beginning of entrepreneurship have too much pressure, economic pressure, performance pressure and so on, all can carry on is good, never lose your faith.

this is my team in Foshan process learned, but finally regret, the company finally because of poor performance and open market, did not do well, and finally chose to close.

to a network company began sales, the main products are website construction and promotion, this is perhaps the most fundamental basis of network products, because he is a computer science major, have some understanding of this, so soon to get started, and individual performance do well, every month can enter the top ten, so three months after I became my supervisor, 10 person team, the monthly performance is also good, the basic task can be completed in about half a year later, every month! Company to open a branch office in Foshan, I chose to do sub branch the manager of the company. Come here, all the expenses of the company are out of our own, including rent, hire people and so on. We operate on our own, just 800 per sheet company, and all of our own expenses. I’ve learned so much in this process:

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