How to make love love around Shanghai link

how do we do Links? We might likened himself to love Shanghai. He love what kind of website, we do Links and what kind of website. Shanghai love love the original, we do Links website and the original degree is high; love love Shanghai every day to update the site, we will update the site every day, and those that do Links; we love Shanghai love the old domain, and the domain name on the year’s website Links. In a word, love Shanghai love, you also want to love. When it comes to the breadth and quantity, we need the usual accumulation, forum, blogs have more with links to articles. The forum, blog the more the better, of course this does not belong to the category of a chain. There is a point to remember, and do not have suspected cheating website Links, very easy to be K off. At the same time we should not be stuck in the factory or not to link and make stand group website Links love Shanghai, hate war group, if not sure you love Shanghai, will K off you.

if we rely on the love of Shanghai to bring traffic, revenue, so we need to understand first love Shanghai. Love Shanghai, love what kind of website? Love Shanghai like old domain name website, love original high website, love website updated every day, most do not love those websites cheating. Love Shanghai do not value PR, but very important content, value breadth and the number of the chain. Your links do not necessarily have the PR, but a very wide and very much quantity.

today we love Shanghai and around the Links optimization, talk about how to do, how to do the most effective Links. We do Links is nothing but in order to improve the site in the search engine’s weight, get a better ranking. What is the weight of high site? PR high is high weight? My answer is not so; my opinion is that there are high ranking is weight. This point in Shanghai is obvious, a lot of the PR value is very low or even no PR value of the site will have a high ranking, and the PR value high site is in the back row, examples beyond count. The value of Google PR, but this does not seem to love Shanghai.

webmaster friends all know, no matter whether you are new or old station, must have the development, Links is always an important part of. Look at those PR value high or relatively large portals, which will be no more than two dozen Links, even more. We all love do friends chain and those websites with high PR, that it will certainly improve their PR value. So yes, sometimes very effective, but not necessarily.

finally remembered the day before to love Shanghai snapshot, love Shanghai snapshot, like a luxury, not the general website can do. But now it is different, there may be new snapshot every day. The ranking and don’t seem so close, I have a website snapshot, stopped in half a month ago, but has been ranked in the home page, and not out of the top five. So, do Links don’t stare at the snapshot. The above is purely personal point of view, each one according to his lights. If there is wrong.

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