How to optimize the ranking of love is more conducive to Shanghai home Title coffee machine industry


.< Title > tag optimization must first clear the theme of the site

tags optimization

webmaster friends should understand on a website must first clear label before optimization theme, the current optimization is a coffee machine on a website, then the author will understand the theme of the site is mainly on the coffee machine, the next step is to determine the theme of the word theme coffee machine keyword expansion, in the extended keyword by webmaster tools and love Shanghai, love Shanghai index or search box, search to get some long tail keywords about coffee machine. As figure 1. is the long tail keywords love Shanghai search box to get, as for other methods to obtain long tail keywords mentioned in the above is not here to enumerate the:

like the optimization of the above chart shows the format is not wrong, but still a little more write keyword search engine keyword stuffing may be punished in such circumstances, it is not the optimal keyword has a better ranking. General format similar to the above wording, title keyword in three is enough as the keyword 1_ 2_ keyword keyword 3_- the name of the company, but the title of this optimization method was not perfect, for the optimization of the title of the page is best to use a website to express at the same time also includes the theme, the key is to. Optimization in this sentence

with Baidu algorithm updated for the optimization cannot be the title of the usual home piled up a large number of keyword search engine, now more and more attention to < Title > tag, and on the other two tag < keywoeds / > now the search engines will not give their values in the past even some webmaster friends put the key words to optimize all piled up in the title, it’s easy to be a search engine that is caused by unnecessary losses in deliberately optimization, the worst case may be search engine punishment to drop right processing, so how to better optimize the home page of the < title; > tag? The author is currently working on the optimization of a coffee machine station of a company, to take this opportunity to share with you to share the hope for some novice webmaster to give some Enlightenment.


has already done the analysis of keyword research, the next step is to start optimization, the < label; this title only talk about the optimization of < keywords > /< decripting; > optimization of the author is not here to talk about > in general; many webmaster in optimization title are the basic optimization such as below as shown in 2:

two.< Title >

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