Case analysis of stable rankings but why has included the constant loss

these repeated or high similarity Title although early search engines crawl and can be included, but soon the search engine will be eliminated, even if you write the content better, search engines will not be accepted. This is a waste for the site.


when we know the repeated or high similarity title will affect the site collection, so as a webmaster how to deal with this.

1: search engine value a title, the title will be too high similarity is not conducive to improving the quality of the site as a whole, we write the title of an article before, we should first search, look at the title repeat in the search results are too high. If you repeat the very high, we should change a title.

2: the same site also don’t appear too much repetition or high similarity of title, as shown in the figure below some repeat title is the author of the site content.

I have a

this site is a rural public information portal, mainly published some rural financial information, meeting record information and so on, the public information content will inevitably have similar problems. After a few days of observation, found that most of the deleted pages are some titles and high similarity, even as the title page. As a webmaster we can get from the experience of two.

site there is a strange phenomenon. Web site keywords ranking search results still ranked first, but with the increase of the contents of the website, the collection is in constant loss. I remain perplexed despite much thought, to say the site is down right lead to reduce included, why or why not keywords ranking. Specific as shown below.

in the past many webmaster in the title of the writing is too arbitrary, a lot of people directly collected copy of the content on the Internet, but with the continuous upgrading of love Shanghai algorithm, web content attention is also on the rise, the content of the website over similar sites were either K, or be right down, so is the same site content. If the similarity within the site is too high, it will definitely affect the overall quality of the website, the search engine in order to improve the quality of search results, the article must eliminate those poor quality content.

of the title of the site, we can roughly understand why the site included in the continuous decrease, because this title a site in a large number of repeat, thus reducing the site in Shanghai love status in virtually, the problem first reaction in the collection, then may lead to site is down right, which I recommend is adhering to in constructing the content of lattice: innovation content, discard the old thought.


From the above analysis for the

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