How to use high weight website keywords

although we do almost no search volume. But once the search must be our article, later our own official website introduction of traffic will be more and more.

yes, many people think of the original submission in the mainstream website. For a long time, our keyword search results more and more. For those who may be the mainstream keywords ranking is not very good. However, some uncommon keywords in the absence of people do, of course, the search results are basically their own articles.


work well, the most important is:

you know, high weight website is very high for the original article included very quickly. We often use this feature to the laying of keywords they need in the original article. But the article was collected, then the search keywords ranking results is the high weight website.

second, in order to prevent late closure competition it is necessary to do a long-term plan, we need to do a website of your own. This is the website of the corresponding website and keywords. The best choice of the nature of the blog website template.

The key of

first, in order to ensure that the search results increase gradually, we will continue to contribute in the website. Is the fastest to do so.

so that our new line, basically include the second day.

After the previous

compared with those of mainstream keyword competition, this method is fast and real. Not long after, his words occupy almost two pages before the search page.

during this period, we need to fill in the timing of original content website. We need to ensure that a period of time the site of the original article needs to be higher than that in other platform article submission. The use of high weight website gradually focus shifts to your own website, more and more articles will be included in our own website later.

method is to provide an idea, the specific operation is to pay attention to many details. In Shanghai Phoenix on the road, many people do not know how to use.

at this time, our new accounts for the ranking of search results by nature is the proper use of some brush flow software here, must not be mass brush. Then when we climb up gradually a new ranking will stop the flow of the brush.

when building the website, we have the advantage. On the one hand is the keyword has been included and ranking. On the other hand is a large number of weights using search results can promote the site’s rise. Why? Because the main keywords and long tail keywords we built this website contains more than we contribute the laying of the more accurate original keywords.


, we have finished most of the work. We need to do is how to improve the long-term flow, and use the site to do.


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