Novice how to learn Shanghai Dragon Technology Shanghai Longfeng Xinshoubikan

skills two, knowledge of website, you can do a website independently, and then try to do.

Four Five

skills: data analysis ability; more users, because of what the user less, because of what? If you understand these things, then you level up again.

two: skills to master relevant knowledge website, you can do a website independently, and then try to do;


skill four: to understand you the search engine ranking > enough

: how to search technology and skills of a principle of engine;

novice to learn Shanghai Dragon Technology? A lot of Shanghai Longfeng novice has been become obsessed with this thing, do not know where to start, do not know what the learning some things, don’t know how to do…… Okay, so many problems today, Tianjin Jinshan Shanghai Longfeng blog, to talk a little bit about my personal opinion, hope for the novice friends help.

you need to be able to simply build a website, whether it is WordPress, or zblog, at least, you can build a domain name space, 49, 100, the perfect solution for the station, video, online has very simple to build a website, you need to do, which is based on what you learn, to try on this website for. Practice is the sole criterion for testing truth, this sentence for the study of Shanghai Dragon technology really is right. Heard a lot of Shanghai dragon says up but really operate off the reel, but stretched. There are a lot of people, although not say too much, but the operation decision is God level. So, through a website to try to practice their learned, positioning as it is not because of your hand, do not upset. In this way, you can know their operation will encounter what problem, to solve. Quite strong practicability.

Five point

skills six: able to read simple code, which have certain primary code knowledge.


skills, master the search engine technology and principle, this very simple explanation. Do you want to search engine optimization, you should at least know his rules, such as you want to chase girls, she does not love boys dirty, then you every day to pass the tattered,, you must first have to be eliminated. Don’t think about anything else, simply can not enter her sight. So, you should at least know her basic preferences. It is to understand the basic principle of search engine.

the following simple to explain the above content:

skills: data analysis ability;

skills: analysis of your customers want to know what.

I think, learn Shanghai Dragon technology to grasp the following points.

skills: know your search engine rankings to be enough.

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