Employment difficult to die Wind can not burn failure in Chibi college students were called idiot

Abstract: with college students have joined the army of entrepreneurship, is almost as high as 100% failure rate, because of this, many netizens call to college students like a swarm of bees idiot: the ideal is full, the reality is very skinny. In the face of reality, college students may really be a false proposition.

in China, college students are definitely a group that is widely concerned.

30 years ago, they said God’s favored one national distribution, life, security, social status respected. 30 years later, they work without security treatment, as migrant workers, but also constantly carry out at high " sheets; " " ".

was useless;

migrant workers monthly salary of nearly 2000 yuan Minimum college students

these years, the difficult employment of college students has been a topic of a commonplace talk of an old scholar. In 2016 the number of college graduates in the country reached 7 million 650 thousand, surpassing the number of college graduates in the year of 2015. The number of college graduates has reached a record high, which is called " in the history of the; it is more difficult for the employment season ".

, according to the Ministry of human resources and social data, if coupled with the number of secondary vocational graduates and students have not yet been employed for 15 years, this year’s employment together about about 15 million, the figure is quite amazing.

in the current China’s economic downward pressure to parallel with the production capacity, how to digest this large employment group, the challenge of great. This leads to a lot of College Students’ employment without eating the old door, or find another way, even if lucky enough to find a job of college students, the average wage level comparable to the price of cabbage, as wages of migrant workers who meet the eye everywhere.

in 2015 data, the college graduates starting salary of the arithmetic average value of 4187 yuan, which is 2640 yuan college students, undergraduate students is 4010 yuan.

it is understood that many graduates even the monthly salary of 2640 yuan to reach 985, 211, a university graduate students find work, the monthly salary is only 2000 dollars, and this situation is not uncommon in life.

in sharp contrast, the Beijing area in 2015 the highest average wage of construction workers 9621 yuan per month, almost spike the average wage in the country’s first tier cities.


college students can not burn in the east wind Chibi

" in recent few years; public entrepreneurship, innovation of " the loud shouting slogans, the people set off a wave of innovation and entrepreneurship. Many college students in the severe employment pressure, have to plunge into the business in the army. In order to provide favorable conditions for the management of college students, the government and the community really under a lot of effort.

in 2013, the state has introduced preferential policies for college students’ entrepreneurial loans, eligible students can apply to the local bank no more than 50 thousand of the small interest free loans.


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