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also known as web page links in the chain, is part of each site is essential, but to add sites within the chain should be moderate, a >

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is now the site is built with the use of readily available source, so many web site structure and page style is almost the same, but the high similarity is an important factor influencing the weights of the website. So learn to modify the page let it out of the ordinary is successful webmaster essential skills.

station page quality is one of the most important parts of the site weight, composed of website content, title, page layout, inside the chain and other factors, these factors directly reflects the quality of the web page level. So how do we control these factors in

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is one of the most important factors of the quality of web page, a good article should be rich in content and not lose time. The richness refers to, when the user is not limited to text, we need to use more rich content to meet him, for example, such as graphic combination in the content and video, such as the content of the bottom and comment on this and users interact, so increase the content richness allows users to get better in time browse the contents of the experience. The timeliness of the content is mainly divided to different industries, some industry users need to have the timeliness of the content, so we must provide, such as many users need in tourism and tourism tourism Raiders recommended, such as decoration users always need the latest cutting-edge decoration renderings Daquan, the content in the US must meet.

web page loading speed is to bring the user experience first, a qualified page must ensure that the minimum speed. Therefore, we should not only select a stable and fast server, but also to carry out some optimization of the web page code. Through the love of Shanghai Webmaster Platform query deficiencies can easily find and modify the page code, such as JS merger, CSS merger, GZIP compression. Secondly, to clean up the web page and die blank page to avoid negative emotions on Web spider.

web page layout should be based on the user’s browsing habits to decide, not their own design can not simply the most probably it did not actually happen to good design. The important content should be from left to right from the top to down sort, is simple and does not lose the atmosphere.

site of many sources of income are dependent on advertising, but many advertisements occupy most of the page position, seriously affect the appearance of the page, causing the user out of the high rate of. Advertising should be the combination of the page content do not blindly seek, advertising will put in place the income than the whole page advertising is low.


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