100% improve the long tail keywords ranking method

, a good collection of the long tail, we began to do the long tail keywords, the specific operation is as follows:

5, can improve the long tail keywords article directory (the directory page, home page, by weight.

to do the long tail ranking first we want to know what is the long tail keywords, how to collect them? To love Shanghai as an example, collect love Shanghai tail, we first get through the main keyword search long tail keywords some difficulty (search keyword search after falling in love with 10 sea is shown below), many can as a directory to optimize, we go through the ten search keywords in the same way as a way to get the key words, so you can get many related to your site keywords. You can also get the long tail by some tools, such as movement of the long tail keywords tools etc..

2, please do not effect on other words, even so, also let the additional effect of the long tail word up.

meet the long tail word article

5, the long tail keywords in bold, color, increase (I do not recommend

The weight of

do you do in the long tail, trouble is the long tail but no ranking is? Maybe this is for you

4, for the anchor link

the station did not do any long tail keywords, all traffic from the basic to the main keywords, one day about 1000IP. Site a total of about 4W data, if these data are long it will be? So it is necessary for us to learn to do long tail keywords ranking, the direct access to the theme.

3, in the article, must take the picture description Express (mouse over the display text above)

two, we know how long after, still have a lot to learn. The start of its ranking techniques:

4, the character of less than 120, do not add more than 3 links (the more weight the number of links more dispersed)


2, the title, the first section and the tail section of the words, the title must appear.

1, the article must be original There are pictures of taste!

3, under the permission of the title to add H tag

1, if your article is less than 120 characters do not add more than 2 long tail keywords

is the source of the whole committee as everyone knows keywords website traffic, popularity. A website to develop and grow, the long tail keywords is a must. Before I talk about how to improve the website main keywords ranking, is based on the classified information website as a teaching case to explain, and I do well, interested friends can love Shanghai "Shanghai classification information" which has a domain of SIOOS is my website (this station only as a test site).

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