Wang Jiaojun noble baby friendship Panda algorithm speculation link building

is detected,


do not know if the solution, please refer to the noble baby webmasters help

Some pages of your site

if not natural links on a website, you can not remove it, please contact [Request]


yesterday just work, received a noble baby webmasters mail notification. The specific content you see screenshots.

recommended by Google Guideline to modify the site, modify again after the completion of the review website []

translated into Chinese as follows:

2. link information website. The main station of resources. Now the chain is very out of date with the same IP resources. But your punishment is more than you do website, including your resource station will die together. This year I had made such a mistake.

I believe we have to understand that my site is because some natural link is noble baby caused me to punish the site’s ranking in the fall.

then I analyze my site is GG that unnatural links come from. I do have adopted "white hat" means, the construction of the chain are all artificial normal legal operation.

manipulation may violate the provisions of Google

GG think your site is a chain operation may have the following factors:

I finally

analysis results can only be a reason: last week I bought a number of domestic Links.

specifically, please confirm whether to PageRank for the purpose, for their own website to set some natural and artificial links. Unnatural links: transfer PageRank links, links in the program.

3.GG think you link whether it is man-made or whether it is the important link of natural factors is the correlation between links. This Shanghai dragon Er will also be very familiar with. But I once again stressed the hope that you will not make such a mistake. There is no longer limited to related content is not relevant. Here are not related: no relevant content, not related to regional, not related to language. GG now has a very precise mechanism to >

1. link speed. The chain increases many chain or the same form of suddenly. Of course, I did not make this mistake is put forward. I believe that not too much to explain. Shanghai dragon Er should know this problem. But this distinction should be made between the station and the station. Such as Sina, you add 1000 chain engine one day will think you do not normal, if you are a small day increased by 1000 if the chain nobility baby don’t think you are cheating that he loves Shanghai.

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