The most important factor on the search engine rankings.


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page grammar search engine will give better correlation score, "is organized like a newspaper article sometimes is said to have the advantage. In many cases, people use for information technology will be marked these algorithms immoral, because their content is in a virtual way nauseatingly repeat keywords.

if you "no change for a long time, the ranking may be reduced, because the search engine suspicion that the content is out of date. But the change is not the old things need to change, or the web page structure change, we need to do is to add something new website.


for each website owners, they hope their site search ranking at the top in love Shanghai, Google keyword, so we spare no effort in website optimization objective, then love Shanghai, Google rankings mainly consider what factors? Here I talk about my own views.

dynamic URL with the dynamic parameter because of more than two may result from the spider web, so you should know the link URL is usually too long will reduce your rankings to a certain extent, the search engine is more willing to take care of the distance from the root of your eyes "recorded near, so also in you site location, deep web pages may be lower than from your home near some of the page ranking.

We know that the

now many search engines such as Google, YAHOO, Shanghai love has its own toolbar, many users do not know, the search engine traffic through the user browser toolbar statistics of each website users. In this way, when you browse the web site by using the search engine Toolbar users more, your site will be in the corresponding search engine popularity had higher values. When the search is in a search your site keywords, the search engine will give you the care.

web page style

forms The popularity of

Internet search engine will give you the website very high score, if there are other sites because the search topics and links to your site. For example, snap appliances digital camera product catalog page has many links to him and all the anchor links all digital camera or digital camera snap. These lead to "in the digital camera and Digital Camera Snap search request high ranking. When the link popularity is a key factor for the optimization of the page rank of your content is not what good do.

URL the length and depth of

site design can greatly strengthen the elements of your web page. To work together and information architecture, with careful consideration of the link structure to make the site easier to browse.

link popularity


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