The website of Shanghai Longfeng introductory tutorial optimization


written note: different website page description can not be repeated, describing the content and the page content is highly correlated; fluent, concise statement to attract click; key words, core keywords in front, with more long tail word, but not malicious accumulation of keywords; reasonable repeat keywords, keyword appears 5 times, the auxiliary keyword appears 1 times.

Selection and optimization of

5, and UR>


1, 3-5

For example:

1. site title (title) website optimization: different pages can not be repeated title, title content and page content are highly relevant, without the use of special symbols, not accumulation limit [love Shanghai 30 Chinese characters, Google 32 Chinese characters];

3, each channel column page set 2-3 keywords;

optimization and selection to welcome you here to view, we say the layout of the key words:

3. (keywords): Web page selected different keywords cannot be repeated, no accumulation of keywords, generally written about 3-5, keyword and page content is highly correlated between keywords and symbols with a comma "," English; of course, now the Shanghai Long Fenggao hands are not set up key words

2 and channel column page keywords closely related;

2. description (description) is written: refining summary of the contents of web search engine, the importance of description is far greater than keywords, description to write a good, can improve the site rankings, improve the user clicks, the website can not keywords but not without description.


key once identified, do not easily modify the above three labels, or the consequences of

4, each article page corresponding to a

is the master of Shanghai Longfeng elementary knowledge, is one of the necessary conditions, website construction is simple without bullets, how to shoot birds? Today Guangzhou Shanghai dragon will give you a share of basic knowledge and the optimization of the website of Shanghai dragon tutorial, novice Shanghai dragon and Phoenix should carefully read the following content, that will give you help.


home page keywords setBetween

site step label title, description, keywords:



keyword optimizationKeywords

control: 70 Chinese character words, no more than 100 characters Chinese;

, a Shanghai based Phoenix entry:


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