Some do website user experience is the need to pay attention to

3, website visitors choose to reduce the window,

love Shanghai released "love" sea search quality white paper ", I also carefully looked at, in fact, love Shanghai no matter how to change, or cannot do without the user experience of this standard, in this paper, I share with you is recently for some experience of feelings, and hope to communicate with you to the

to do a simple web site, simple does not mean simple, need some elements have, can let visitors find the information, so that visitors can easily fill out the registration information or submit orders online, etc.. To see the clear structure of website visitors at a glance, can easily access the site, not looking for a long time could not find information for.

1, simple but not simple, convenient for visitors is the hard truth

before we have been emphasizing the content of the web site to the original, but now more attention should be paid to the content is not valuable, now also released "love love Shanghai" sea search quality white paper "also emphasized the value of this point. If you always boast in the article and boast, visitors actually do not know whether it is true, there is no way to determine what visitors from content. Compared with these empty articles, want to clear, is more valuable than a visitor product data and attribute display, supplemented by a large number of customers can really attract visitors to the case.

estimated that many enterprises in the construction site, will tell the designer, beautiful atmosphere must be done and what kind of website to the atmosphere was beautiful? This is not what a fixed standard, actually by each enterprise boss love what kind of style, but generally speaking, are required make that picture display more or there is a station of flash animation. Such elements may be combined, visually very good-looking, but obviously the site is not what substantive content, but also influence the website open speed.

2, pay attention to the construction of website, valuable content to create high conversion website

data is the most authoritative thing, want to improve website traffic and conversion, a taste of the original release is certainly not, must have to be able to help visitors where the authenticity of data and answer type articles to support products and services, which is one of the value of the content. Only valuable content will really led to the conversion of the

visitors to visit our website to see valuable information, what is valuable information, of course, is useful for them, they can help information. If the home page is all some not essential pictures or ZhengZhan flash visitors, a long time could not find the key information, then who will continue to watch.


my own time to visit other sites, in fact, is not the most objectionable website open speed is slow, but too many websites pop, some >

to improve!

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