The future of Shanghai Dragon technology should be eight door, will you

: first learn the layout of the key words, this is a most Shanghai dragon are not very good, keywords reasonable layout, site optimization will be more effective, if one day you find a station, it does not update the chain, don’t do friends chain, ranking is also particularly good, then there is a reason most is it because the keyword layout is reasonable.

now with love Shanghai, 360 for the constant adjustment and upgrading of the algorithm, as a Shanghai dragon, website optimization is more and more difficult to do, I believe this is obvious to people, for the future of Shanghai dragon how should do, I believe most people are confused, but deviate from them, as long as we grasp the core theory of search engine, regardless of the future how to adjust, as long as we follow the change is good. For the future of Shanghai dragon, we should learn what skills?

second: learn the web site structure is fine-tuning, know the basic div+css. At present, the structure of the site is using the template or site of the company to carry out the production, and the production process in most cases are not integrated into the Shanghai dragon skills, which makes a lot of Shanghai Longfeng headache after getting a website, so to understand some of the basic div+css, learn to fine tune the website structure, in the optimization process in the future will play a crucial role.

fourth: know what is the marketing website, what we do, the ultimate aim is to clinch a deal, which is fundamental to our website optimization, so in the future more and more inclined to stop marketing website, namely customer through words into the web site, do not need to consult to the deal, but if you want to achieve of these, we need big data as the basis, and to understand the user experience.

sixth: basic knowledge of server, the server is open now, affect the speed of website, the important factors influencing the website optimization, although there are issues related to server server providers to solve, but the use of reasonable distribution server, relationship can be of great use to the server. "

third: learn to be a qualified editor, although now the search engine for web content audit is very strict, but had to admit that a good title to attract a lot of traffic and clicks, and in line with the quality of the contents of the article, this is a rare soft. In the new media and more and more popular, not careful, your article has become a hot spot of people circle of friends.

fifth: know how to tap the effective long tail word. Many people are aware of this problem, but estimated truly is not much, we only know when the write a long title, when the chain of some long title and so on and so on, in fact this in the future will not play what role, there are two reasons, first is weakened outside the role of the chain of love Shanghai; second is not all the long tail word can bring traffic and conversion. So learn to effectively exploit the long tail word is really should learn.

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