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recently, women’s clothing company Bow &, Drape launched a technological shock to the traditional fashion industry. Through the online ordering service, customers can outline on the skirt bell, low waist, skirt, etc., color and decorative sleeve such as beads select the various parts of the assembly". At the same time, the website also uses "Kit" Fit tool to obtain customer size information, to ensure that within 2-3 weeks sent to customers in the hands of finished clothing paste fit. Currently, Bow, &, and Drape have more than 30 thousand combinations of ritual dresses.

My boss in 1995

I was born in a Sichuan car factory, have deep pockets, no more elegant promotion, can have today’s achievements, because in my life on the road, on several key selection. Our lives are made up of a series of important choices. Our choices determine our lives.

1, both choice and effort,


in Puhua three years of work, is my biggest progress for three years, I learned not only to work, is hard, the boss gave the work is done can not sleep. In those three years, I spent my spare time trying to review my exams. I finished 18 exams in three years and passed the British CPA exam. Finally, I caught up with my colleagues in Hongkong.

remember the first important choice in my life when I graduated from junior high school, in the school office at that time, our annual college entrance rate is zero, then graduated from junior high school a total of three choices: one is to read technical school, one is to go to the school exam, and take an examination of key senior high school. The three little sisters who grew up with me enrolled in the technical school, and I didn’t know which one was wrong. Anyway, I insisted that I should take the key high school. My father is very supportive of me, and my grades have improved so fast that I was admitted to the key high school Nankai Middle school. Three little sisters grew up together with me at that time, in fact, are very smart, but they have chosen to read technical school, later became a worker, not the university entrance exam, the choice of a watershed from graduated from junior high school to start.

Price Waterhouse’s recommendation, came to the Peregrine company to work, the key jump into the beginning of my VC career. I got the most professional basic training there, and participated in the investment wow haha investment process, investors should learn some special skills, from the beginning of that period, I have gradually Chinese their investment philosophy. This investment is quite successful, but in 1997, peregrine affected by the Asian financial turmoil, the final collapse. In 1998, I came to the Barings, officially entered the venture capital industry. As the first staff baring Asia, every day I have to deal with entrepreneurs, elite, take 3 months to 30 years, entrepreneurs experience out, can learn different.

my second major choice is in China bank, after graduating from Nanjing University, I was assigned to the China bank, do counter salesperson, doing is very simple "registration, copy, stamped" three steps, but I was not discouraged, the color of the place I have color, bank knowledge of Grand Prix first ah, when the 38 red banner pacesetter ah, and finally was named deputy chief. Perhaps because it is motivated and outstanding performance, the opportunity to really come to me: China and British governments jointly helped Chinese culture of CPA in United Kingdom, China bank for me to secure a quota, by participating in the entrance examination, I got to the well-known accountant for Hongkong PWC internship.

can be combined into so many styles, women don’t have to worry about with others Zhuangshan, founder of Aubrie Pagano · Aubrie Pagano said: "we each custom is out and out of the original product." Bow &: Drape is located in Boston, USA, which is different from the clothing outsourcing production in the major retail stores in the United States, and each product is produced locally.

article source: TechCrunch

, in order to solve the most difficult size problem, the company will give the customer special free delivery of its "Kit" Fit. According to the custom of dress, "fit tools" will not only provide 3 kinds of selected style size model general material for customers to try, but also provide customized piece of fabric. In this way, customers can also sense the fabric’s color, texture and so on in order to ensure the fit of the finished product in the future. By pre installing the paid back envelope in the kit kit, Bow & Drape requires the customer to place an order online or to return the "fit tool" within 5 working days of receipt of the tool box. Otherwise, the company will receive a late fee from the customer’s credit card.

, according to a reporter’s feedback on the Bow &, Drape custom service, each skirt costs an average of $120 to $180 without shipping fees. The finished product not only fits well, but also remains on the material as determined by fashion professionals.

now, fast fashion company H& M and Zara have clothing as fast food consumption, female friends even embarrassed Zhuangshan, are not "the same tune" predicament. To this end, Bow & Drape said the company hopes to female customers to re expression and control of their clothes, let the company produce unique clothing fit for the unique relationship between women and reshape the previous tailor. Currently, Bow, &, and Drape are embarking on providing customers with more color and customization options. compile: @ pretty clear


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