Ding Chunmei website alliance short-term profit is still advertisingNot to air was bad mouthing the

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e-commerce, sales division will become one of the main directions of the development of the website alliance, but it will not be the only prospect of the website alliance, just as TV shopping can not replace the TV advertisement completely. Alliance advertising is not only to promote sales, but also has more and more brand building and transmission concepts, so in a short period of time, alliance advertising is still dominant in the alliance industry.

      in doing a web site, want to think of their own profit model, want to how to serve the public on the basis of better survival and development. Otherwise, it is a mirage and insubstantial objects a very dangerous thing.

These two years as the rapid development of

era of consumer upgrades, Home Inns, long lease, short rent apartments have become the new hot pursuit of capital, a lot of people as the content of enterprise pension, in addition to services, began to emphasize the "master spirit" and in culture, with Mogan Mountain text brigade town for example, it can be regarded as a cultural cluster. From 10 to 2016 by the end of 2013, the 800, the Mogan Mountain phenomenon reflects.

ten years, so many people, many websites disappeared in front of us, but there will be more people stand out. Only to find the correct direction of planning, and stick to it, we will like the spring girl, through the clouds and see the moon.

Hangzhou B & B area, currently there are about 3000 houses, creating income of more than 1 billion. But look at the country, more than 40 thousand of the B & B and 190 ten thousand farmhouse than, let’s start CEO Xu Jianjun realized that air is far from the B & B period.

as the capital side, Jing Yuan Capital Partners Chen Hongliang is not shy about talking about the power of capital. In his view, the beginning of consumption upgrade has a very big prerequisite – "have money, no money, how to upgrade?"

career history:





51 small holiday approaching, went to the hostel booking a hard time, looks like a lively scene, but since spring on the negative remarks but B & B industry: "95%, emerge in an endless stream are losing money", "beautiful countryside will appear large," haunted "feelings can’t save breakfast"……

Abstract An, B & B how to upgrade? How will the new incoming beachhead, pick several B & B industry trends, hope to inspire practitioners.

approach, in which the guesthouse owners how to upgrade themselves? Last week, 2017 Chinese hostel list and industry trends by start and end release in Hangzhou, they sought through the development status of interpretation industry to analyze the future pension pension.

also did not wait until the air began to be bad mouthing, now the home will be a good business

Ding Chunmei, a native of Hebei, graduated from the Department of chemistry of Hebei University in 1997 with a bachelor’s degree in chemistry.

for the webmaster, the effective integration of resources, allows the webmaster to see their own advantages, and make effective use of, for their own web site to find the direction and characteristics of development. Large and complete, not necessarily good, and for their own ability to play their own skills and expertise, is the best.

has a rich Internet industry promotion experience, familiar with the Internet mode of operation, familiar with the Internet environment Chinese. 2001-2003, Sina served as government marketing manager, responsible for government projects market development and government relations. Construction of sina, Qingdao, Jilin, Handan, Langfang and other local channels. 2004-2005 inauguration of sh419 as business development manager, is responsible for large-scale Internet Co, software and Telecommunications relations maintenance. On behalf of the company and China Telecom, China Netcom, Sina, CCID, Jinshan, rising and other companies to conduct strategic cooperation negotiations. In 2006, the founding of the Beijing new inter online.

Interview notes:

on the host, an explosion of a single product, it is still the mainstream, in addition, can also be through the brand chain operations, but the latter has been controversial in the industry. Xu Jianjun took the flowers hall for example, B & go brand chain management of the road, became a pioneering company, cruel in startups to the end you can not control the situation, at the end of the world is the capital to speak."

"it’s not the industry, it’s not the people who run it."." Xu Jianjun believes that now the industry is still not reach the level of feelings, "B & B is more of a connector and a container of emotion, B & B should consider is how to use the highest efficiency and the lowest cost to the user and guest."

at least in the United States group comments, it seems that this market is still worth looking forward to. Not long ago, the U.S. Group reviews its accommodation sharing platform "hazelnut," APP officially launched, again overweight tourism market.


website alliance is not optimistic about the whole industry because of the lack of standardized, the best way is to build a coalition of self regulatory organization, data transparency, profit rate the amount of certain norms, so as to make the industry more healthy development.

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