Shanghai Longfeng need to consider comprehensive global factors to win

we can push out the back, as we see in the data statistical tools, we only see the bounce rate has no meaning. It cannot be said that bounce rate more representative of your website more garbage, you also need to be combined with the user’s residence time, the residence time of the user is long, that our more high-quality, high bounce rate maybe just because we don’t have good guidance, and can not simply say that our content quality is not high. So the judgment of the higher dimension analysis you can be more accurate, so now is no longer a fresh all day, our website needs all-round development.

so that the chain of the market to sell hot is hot, but it is no wonder that this link was bought too. At that time, although the content is king, in fact, factors affecting the content is not too big. The most important thing is the chain, so since last year to now love Shanghai upgrade algorithm basically only for links and content of foreign chain is relentless attack. This is what makes Shanghai Longfeng staff aware of the chain is not so important, to link to the Internet garbage is a price to pay. In fact, we should do more and the effect of Shanghai dragon also felt the chain now has more small, because the search engines also know that if a given weight is too large, the cheating cost will be lower.

three years ago the Shanghai dragon circles popular words, content is king, the chain for the emperor, today it is estimated that many newcomers don’t know a word. But this sentence was so popular, as we pointed out that the new Shanghai dragon road, let the new Shanghai dragon core in a second to Shanghai dragon. Today do not know who is the summary of a sentence, but from this sentence itself can also be seen at the time of Shanghai dragon really feel not much secret. The two elements do almost the same, because the two for the website ranking plays a decisive factor, although known to affect the search engine results have more than 200 factors, but really the most influential then two, and the two most influential is the chain.

is now the Shanghai dragon industry more and more mature, more and more competitors, Shanghai dragon some secret is not more. You know about competitors know, don’t think.

in order to make the algorithm more accurate, more dimensions must judge a website, determine the cost of failure will be smaller. If you think that a search engine only determine factors for the ranking of the elements, and a search engine to determine the ten factors for ranking factors that would be more accurate, more accurate data must be more accurate. In fact, the search engine is not a single right to give birth is too high, but due to technical limitations and the collection of data processing and analysis ability is limited, the analysis of many factors can not be achieved, but now with the development of search engine, the factors of continuous improvement, determine the dimension of search engine will be more and more. Cheating may also be more and more small, the price is more and more big.

In fact, this When

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