Shanghai Longfeng information overflow we how to choose the high quality content to learn


for this question I can not help but reflect on the rapidly changing industry algorithm such as Shanghai Longfeng, we must always grasp the latest trends in the search engine algorithm, pay attention to the study of Shanghai dragon is essential for every day. Especially suitable for communication, to discuss issues such as forum, a good place to learn, just because of the chain, the numerous links in the domestic forum into the factory, I counted out relatively clean and have to watch content forum only two, one is BSG, another is the light forum. In addition to these two, I can not find the third, I do not know if you can’t find. I can not help but think, learn where we where, where there is a high quality content, the share in some places some of my every day to learn the latest Shanghai dragon.

The first: micro-blog

yesterday, Shanghai dragon most cattle Shanghai dragon forum BSG in many Shanghai dragon Er demanded under the BSG administrator at micro-blog said I was registered mail tired, so I decided to open registration yesterday in 30 minutes. We have to let me think, there are now several forums like the Shanghai dragon world forum. All seem to want to pull more people to register it, but the BSG forum has limited registration, in order to give you a good learning platform. But out of the case, and the registered members of strict requirements, can not be made out of order links, cannot reprint articles made here. Talk to discuss civilization terminology, this is the cleanest forum I have seen Shanghai dragon circles, you casually on those famous forum to see what Shanghai dragon WHY, A5 forum, CHINAZ forum, behind the forum, just a day in the tens of thousands of posts, but those posts can see you are the hair of the chain, the contents of nutrients are not, for the user is not learning exchanges, to link the factory.

now micro-blog has several years of development, is not what new things, especially the Internet this line, at least one or several. Now I have already become the micro-blog control, open the second thing is to look at the micro-blog computer. Micro-blog how to learn Shanghai dragon? 1. celebrities, Shanghai Longfeng areas such as ZAC, Cardiff, Wang Tong and you think you can learn something in his body can be. 2. attention mechanism, such as love Shanghai, love Shanghai statistics, Google, Sogou, micro-blog search, the search engine micro-blog are open. Now many companies take micro-blog as an important channel of information dissemination, we can interact with them. 3. can enter the Shanghai dragon micro group, but I have not found currently active in Shanghai dragon group, but we can find that in the group interaction is very good for learning. Micro-blog is the main interaction, when others published topic, you have to express their views or opinions, have a weak relationship between the chain, become like a friend strong so that you can easily turn tether, learn to communicate with others. >

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