Recommend the five most effective link building method

Admin5 Chinaz, speed transit network, a few websites, these three websites in my opinion, the effect is good, we can cast several good articles in the three sites, the quality of your investment must go through this will increase the chance of. Once passed, we can set up their own column in which several sites, open column is not so easy, not long ago I had just successfully opened his own column in chinaz. This website if successful submission, not only can bring the chain good for you, but also on the site and its own brand exposure is also very helpful. But there are a few prerequisites:

I do not want to say too much, I have introduced the "Links exchange method and the matters needing attention" in the text, we can refer to it! There are three ways to obtain Links, an exchange of Links, one is to buy Links, there is some sponsorship the meeting, do some public welfare activities can be organizers website Links. Here I can only say something to buy some of the details of the things that link. On the purchase of Links, the same level of quality, or a little higher than the weight of your site’s Web site, as long as there is love Shanghai right down, Links did not like gambling, PW, banned sites can boldly buy, not what the relationship between. However, the website weight is higher than your site, then you have to buy or not buy less. Imagine, Admin5, Chinaz such website can exchange links with your

first, your article is very good, but the content to help, if you help others, others will want to know you want to know about the author of this article, want to communicate with the author. If you write a lot of superficial articles, people just eyes closed, not to mention the brand promotion, brand exposure.


then, you must adhere to the long time work, once a good.


network of Shanghai Longfeng paper is too much, so many new Adsense are unable to distinguish what is useful, which is of no use. Especially the construction of the chain of this one, if misguided, is a heavy blow to the web. Here I tidy five methods more useful link building, for your reference:

2, high weight website submission

1, Links construction

high weight website submission is one of the many practitioners Shanghai Longfeng has been used method, contribute to high weight website, if passed, but not a very good outside chain, also has a very good help for their website brand promotion, but also for the site to bring traffic. In view of the network marketing (including Shanghai dragon, SEM, blog marketing, micro-blog marketing, QQ group marketing etc.) industry, our general submission channels are:

(1) media website

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