Stone Ji interpretation of love Shanghai snapshot behind the secret

About 5. of

4. web site

General snapshot

website 304 page no

website is updated, but when spiders crawl sites found no update, will feedback to the search engine of the website is not modified, >

we do the webmaster to site optimization is a station outside the station +. The station is filled in the content, and the design and erection of chain URL website address flat optimization, outside the station is outside the chain and friendship link. Little attention to love Shanghai. Users and friends just started to click to find something more impossible to love Shanghai snapshot of a search for love in the sea. In fact, a website operator should pay attention to every detail, a snapshot of the site is the same note, it can give us a response to many problems.

2. spiders to crawl sites information flow

is a website snapshot of pure HTML text love Shanghai space during the past period of time, and now the content of the website may be a bit different, we can compare the website with a snapshot of style comparison, that is how the spider into our website, and from where come in after crawling what is, spiders can’t grab information, where is the active place. We know these can be adjusted according to the preferences of the spider web structure, and update the website content.

website is the normal snapshot of the best website is a snapshot of the day. When your website snapshot has been normal, suddenly you stop updating the snapshot, this time to pay attention to. Love to you in Shanghai signal. If not to pay attention to if possible snapshot which shows the love of Shanghai, had no confidence in our website, Yu Shijiang will start right, although there is no direct relationship between the snapshot and ranking, but its reaction is weighted down, this time the keywords ranking will decline slowly, until the K station.

3. wordsegmentation principle about love in Shanghai

when the site for various reasons can not open and need to get something from this website can love Shanghai snapshot to open the page, find the corresponding.

love Shanghai has its own unique is Chinese segmentation principle. Love has 80 thousand common words in Shanghai Chinese thesaurus. According to these words, Shanghai will hold the principle of love word user search keywords dictionary and then compare, more accurate gives the user wants to search the site, thereby reducing the user cost of time. General love sea points from left to right in accordance with the word (browsing habits) the word segmentation, marked with different colors, and then find out these words in the content of the web site where, for comparison, and then use the latent semantic indexing principle to judge whether the unique original weight judgment website. In order to give users more accurate information.


1. website is not to be loved in Shanghai right down


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