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these familiar website, we can see is _, instead of the above mentioned -, |, >, space,,. The ranking is needless to say, everyone has a good consensus. So, of course, this does not necessarily mean, with underscores, will be able to have a good ranking, included is very good, I think the Shanghai dragon, do the details, every detail notice! I recommend or follow brother go. Follow brother go, eat what all have


reprint source network shopkeeper www.zhanggui5贵族宝贝, Wuwei Admin5 wilderness first! Is not required to reprint Shanghai

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we often do not know how to choose the problem. Don’t know what kind of effect is better, often used, |, >, space, etc.. Because often in the search, see a lot of good ranking sites, with more symbols are. Many people say that there is no difference between what, but I don’t think so. Let us look at the following example:

love Shanghai, Sina, Tencent, dedecms, Shanghai dragon is Shanghai Shanghai dragon love love Shanghai, all products are used to underline "_", is a warning to us that we should pay special attention to. Sina blog is often many webmaster friends to do the chain of a good platform, features, Sina blog included fast, I think in addition to their own high weight, is Shanghai dragon optimization details, is also very important, perhaps the character segmentation is one of the reasons why. Dedecms has been a recognized by many webmaster, the reason is that the core of the optimization is awesome, very friendly to the search engine, while the dedecms is using the _". It is worthy of thinking.


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