From the green algorithm to do things like Shanghai pomegranate algorithm


for the green algorithm, my site is not affected, after all, I did not participate in the sale of links, but I always feel that Scindapsus algorithm is small talk, now link trading activities still exist and active, so I hope you try not to buy too much.

algorithm also has the issue of pomegranate wood, so no one knows it will be much more lethal. From the love Shanghai Lee introduction we can know the pomegranate algorithm mainly target is the low quality of the content of the site. This is fundamental to fight, because the quality of a web site, depending on the content of the website is complete, is not what fancy interface and function. From the green to pomegranate algorithm algorithm, I think is slowly restraint of the webmaster Shanghai Longfeng optimization, but do not know which of the two algorithm is effective, can give serious do stand webmaster should return. Now that love will be on the line in Shanghai Lee pomegranate algorithm within a week so we have stated that the webmaster don’t adjust what, see

!Some suggestions for me:

pomegranate algorithm:

in 2013 after the new year, love Shanghai began to publish a new algorithm named scindapsus. From the literal meaning is probably a purification means, but from the release date, the webmaster see what? Your site’s ranking rose? "Heard" is mainly Scindapsus algorithm against sale links, and some Links exchange site. I look at a page from the A5 algorithm Scindapsus news, the most or the link Moumou station was K, and K are some of the top link station, love Shanghai and there is no large range to K off the front of the station, the site is K, back up again, this is not a pit Dad? I think it is not. The effects of current algorithm Scindapsus aureus capacity is not enough, probably because it is still in a state of test, but also for the main target of attack Scindapsus algorithm is selling links website, Shanghai love think this is a palliative approach, why do you say that? Because I love Shanghai know owners to use the best of Shanghai the dragon is the chain optimization technology, it will be the emergence of so many links to the sale site, these links to the sale site K off, there will be the emergence of new, so love Shanghai fought to the content of the site The quality of the new algorithm for the upcoming release of pomegranate – so there is the following.

in 2013, Shanghai for the webmaster love no longer silent, love Shanghai frequently released their so-called algorithm from algorithm to algorithm for the upcoming release of Scindapsus pomegranate, what do you see? What do you think? You predicted what? At the back of this algorithm, the love of Shanghai is bluffing or really to do station "creation"? But no matter what the result is, I think the situation for our site webmaster does not appear too large adjustment, after all there is no "algorithm white mouse", the only thing we can do is wait, find

Because the

my views on Scindapsus aureus algorithm:

The upcoming

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