Shanghai dragon Economics the invisible cost

Shanghai Longfeng the choice of many enterprises, is two words: cheap. They think that advertising is always the most expensive, but do not spend money in Shanghai, advertising on the Internet, as long as a person or a team to bring up, you can wait for the Everfount flow rolling in, and can continue for a long period of time. But is it really? Shanghai Longfeng service is really a so good? Would not comment, let’s look at Shanghai, the invisible cost.

. The Shanghai dragon service, its mission is often only a ranking. They are only responsible to bring up the flow, to attract customers to the website, but after how to deal is the boss himself. But the reality of the practice of many bosses are let Shanghai Longfeng station maintenance and sales personnel into account, the consequences of doing so is to flow, rarely the real deal. Because of the Shanghai Longfeng personnel often only provide outsourcing services, and there is no in-depth understanding of the products, they show how to guide customers to buy products or is not good, do not know how to customers into the new and old customers, and caused serious loss of customers, so as to discharge waste from the ranking dropped. Potential customers did not translate into revenue, this is not a great loss of

?2, poor rate of

1, scary risk. Why talk about the risk of Shanghai Longfeng, mainly on account of the recent two love Shanghai adjustment algorithm. I believe we are on the two most recent love Shanghai Holocaust haunt. If a station is right down, the loss is very large, K it is what is gone, not only cut off the new user channels, hard operating a group of loyal old customers also disappeared overnight, the tall buildings come to naught. Even more frightening is the update speed of the search engine algorithm is very fast, and it will become more and more fast. Think of this year from June 28th to August 23rd, just two months to do a number of large and small update, each update produced a number of ghosts. The risk of Shanghai dragon also reflected not only in the search engine, is also reflected in the malicious attacks on the rival. It can be said that your ranking more prominent, more and more people want to get you down, by the containment of the attack is a big possibility, who knows the malicious competitors have ranked use unscrupulous divisive tactics for


3, the brutal competition. Shanghai dragon competition is? Input a keyword, the search results at least tens of thousands of millions, more than ten sites, and can obtain the income is often only the first page, such brutal competition you ashamed? Can row on the first page is wonderful, but behind the first page is a spell, but did not return a life-and-death struggle fight at outrance Shanghai Longfeng useless. Even if you came in the first page, you can view? You don’t think about how many people are trying to squeeze you look at fiercely as a tiger does, go back. Such cruel Shanghai dragon battlefield, it would lower the cost of? In the battlefield, busy year Keliwushou probably accounted for.

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