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after the meeting, can not help but want to see how the performance of your web site. Since the site moved to foreign countries, was a little worried. The noble baby Webmaster Tools website performance, can not help but be startled at your site: the average page load time of 20.2 seconds. The station more than 99.7% websites slow.

slow 100ms=Amazon sales decreased 1%

two, start gzip compression

as a virtual host, and no permission to open gzip server configuration. I can only rely on the WordPress plugin for GZIP Output. The home page size (Html/Text) decreased by 18.9KB.

style picture compression

site performance generally refers to the site access speed, although very common, but the data can be found, the website speed is quite a big impact on the user experience, this paper starting from the examples, to study how to optimize your website to download faster method.

I use

I did not use what advanced compression tool, just use the Fireworks CS4 batch image (file type has not changed), all original style pictures of the theme of the site is 195KB, after optimization is reduced by 54.94KB. And after optimization of the picture, the naked eye can’t tell the difference (at least I did not see it).


recently went to the D2 forum, a more profound experience to the website performance for the importance of user experience.

seems to be a practical optimization. First in your Firefox browser installed web performance testing tools Page Speed and Yslow noble baby. First, check the size of a web page to access YSlow. A total of 257.3KB.

Page Speed and nobility baby to see what can be improved. From that point, there are still many places can be optimized.

slow 400ms=Yahoo! User access to reduce the amount of 5-9%>

due to technical ability and time are limited, only a simple optimization. I have done the following work: some optimization

but GZIP Output only for PHP file compression, the voluminous CSS and JS files are unable to handle. I downloaded and installed WP CSS and WP JS>

slow 500ms = nobility baby user access content by 20%


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