How to improve the site included rate better.

third, according to the chain:

we should all know, love Shanghai spiders love most is the original article, copy and paste the contents of the same as garbage, nor on the love of spiders in Shanghai a "attractive", so it will not be like Shanghai which included, even if included will be short-lived. It also tells us that the content of the website is very important, whether the treatment, or will affect the typesetting are included. Since the discovery of the problem, so it should be properly solved.

First, according to the quality of

due to the recent continuous adjustment of love Shanghai algorithm, found that most of the content of many web sites are not included, what is the reason? I believe that many owners have such problems. What is the cause of the content of the website has not been included? After the study and the time for a period of time, I think the following aspects will be included on the website of the influence.

second, according to the layout of the article:

like a lot of industry marketing, most of the promotion is outsourced to network promotion, and network company’s editing level is limited, the previous day to follow the prescribed order templates, style, page layout, not a new thing, the effect is small. Have done the experiment: the same is a group of articles, some of which still follow the old routine, old, old style templates are published; while the other part adopts a new layout, add picture correlation with the content of relatively large in the contents of the article, and the corresponding instructions. The results show that: the second part of the article included speed and is significantly faster than the first part, to the high. Is that the content of the new layout will also help to improve the site included.

you should be very clear, what is the role of the chain, it can not only provide weight support to the site, but also can attract spider. I do not know if you noticed, many owners in the chain, the chain most are concentrated in the home. Rarely in the form of publishing and construction. In fact, the URL chain effect is better than do the chain only to the home page. If the chain is only the construction of the home page, column page address words > domain+


is best to do original, even if you did not create original articles, false original degree to be high. The only way to guarantee the love of spiders in Shanghai caused by the "attention", add a very good collection. Since we want to ensure the original degree, then the corresponding time will be longer, the number will be reduced. Especially for the new station every day, there is no need to increase the quality of the low, can reduce the number of appropriate, to improve the quality of the article. This approach is not rob Peter to pay Paul. Practice has proved that the small, high quality content is easier to get the favour of spiders than a large number of low quality content, in terms of speed increases a lot.

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