Keywords Shanghai dragon learning network development should be how to do (below)

Seventh, from the mining

learning network in the article: Shanghai dragon development should be how to do keywords (on), first from four aspects and share the common method of keyword expansion, are words related tools, search using the prompts and related searches, other tools such as today, then the article from the other four and share, respectively in different forms, add keywords, mining, traffic data from the cross combinations, the system allows you to harvest, in the keyword expansion through this well, the beginning of the text today.


, fifth key words: different forms of keywords can bring a lot of expansion words are common synonyms, related words, words and typos -. For synonyms, we can easily understand, such as keyword positioning for the hotel, it can also be extended to the hotel accommodation, etc.; for Related words, and refers to the keywords associated words, such as related website construction and website production, website promotion and Shanghai dragon related; for shorthand, we should also proper use, such as CCTV CCTV, referred to as the American Basketball League called NBA, abbreviation "daily search volume is also very impressive; and finally we talk about typos, although the search engine of spelling error correction function, but every day there are still many user input typos and wrong Chinese, there are a lot of words in fact, about the significance, but a radical or radical, so we should be on the part of the wrong word also must be prepared.

sixth, add keywords added that consists of adjective complement, supplement and supplement brand names. When combined with many keywords needs and the reality of the situation, there are different keywords at the same time, also can refine customers below to illustrate respectively. Refers to the names of keywords in front with local names, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Beijing and Phoenix common tourism; brand added refers to direct and relevant keywords brand in the front, an effective approach which is refinement of the market, such as Changhong TV; and the adjective complement refers to the keyword before some specific determiners, common words are free of charge, price, promotion, and other activities, we can often see this kind of situation, such as a free download source, TV promotion belong to this category. For the core competitive keywords, plus some xianzhici can not only reduce the difficulty of the optimization, but also can improve the conversion rate.

Different forms of

traffic statistics: Web site statistics is a worthy we often go to a place in statistics will find a lot of interesting words, these words we may not think that even thought will not feel someone to search, but the real situation is not so. Sometimes a large part of Web site traffic is from these keywords and come, we can take some is often the search query words in the noble baby tools, you will see many similar words, these words can be used as the long tail word to layout, so this is a good way to expand. Sometimes for a relatively large flow.

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