Liu Chuanzhi on the three rural Entrepreneurship work hard and smart, play combined

in "public entrepreneurship, innovation" era, "start" to let everyone have equal opportunities and stage. How to create a "three rural" how to avoid detours? Talk about their 30 years of entrepreneurial experience, Legend Holdings chairman Liu Chuanzhi regrets, to study the national policy, but also to understand the overseas resources and technical forces.

work hard and smart, want to know the target

back, want to talk to entrepreneurs is that you want to clear the goal." Liu Chuanzhi talked about his road of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial way can hardly be avoided in kekepengpeng, but to know that this is what you’re searching for the road, even in the face of setbacks, and suffering can also survive.


"in the field of agriculture entrepreneurs, not only to achieve its own also lead other rich farmers to build up the family fortunes." He believes that the "three rural" entrepreneurs, in the work basis, try to think of "tips". What kind of way, can bear more fruit, and then go to work.

to improve the strategic vision, top-level design hit combination of

top-level design on the "combination" can play a better effect.

Liu Chuanzhi said Lenovo modern agricultural sector, good fertile group example. According to his introduction, Wo Group has large-scale at home and abroad of blueberries and kiwi planting base, overseas investment in several estates, study and learn from foreign advanced agricultural technology, but in the beginning ignores the downstream sales channels.

three rural entrepreneurship, we should pay special attention to the upper and lower reaches of the industrial chain. As an enterprise to uphold the "do not make money" idea, integrity management, to ensure product quality. Liu Chuanzhi said, the government, agricultural experts and the three sides of the capital, the top-level design of the "combination of boxing," in order to achieve the long-term development of agriculture."

establish brand awareness, make good use of international resources

The development mode of the earlier

"food for the program" rush to the land to yield, fertilizer use more, soil compaction is serious, resulting in land organic matter content is very low. "Agriculture is not the place to make quick money." Liu Chuanzhi stressed that "we want to make some plans to rehabilitate the land."

"what is the brand? Get the job done, to speak out." Liu Chuanzhi believes that if we want to achieve long-term development in the field of agriculture, not only to the study of national policy, but also to study overseas resources and technology, will be combined with the specific circumstances of the advanced experience of foreign countries and China, to make agricultural development more power.

"agriculture has a market, there is demand," Liu Chuanzhi concluded, "while focusing on improving agricultural production conditions, the development of nature is’ Blue Ocean’."

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