Why do people dominate the venture capital Airbnb founder was rejected seven times

Abstract: although they say that "software engulfing the world", but the approach is draw further apart. Venture capital is the same as twenty years ago. Silicon Valley is trying to make everything efficient, automated, in addition to the investment itself.



drama "Silicon Valley" reflects the Silicon Valley all dirty secrets such as racial discrimination, copying each other, commercial unspoken rule etc.. Arlo Gilbert is a Silicon Valley investor, inventor, he wrote the following article in the Mediun not long ago, he believes in the high-tech developed abnormal Silicon Valley, completely manipulated the Silicon Valley venture capital venture capital is dirty inside. We often criticize China for its interpersonal relationship, but in Silicon Valley, it is more serious.

Arlo Gilbert found that when the valuation of $1 million 500 thousand Airbnb, founder Brian want to melt to $150 thousand, but was rejected by various reasons vcs. Now, Airbnb valued at more than $25 billion, those who had refused to Brian the VCs presumably already regret the intestines are green.

you think the wind on the tall is actually such a

do not go to tube Airbnb, imagine such a scenario: in a corner there are three teams (leaders are: Zhang Ergou, Li Tiedan, Wang Dachui) is to solve a problem. And then they found a solution to the problem of core technologies, and this problem is crucial, if they can successfully solve, promotion and salary raise as CEO marry white Formica on life subversion, might change the world. But the team found and invest in early investors will be called the prophet.

but there’s no investment company around the founders, so no one will ever find them. There is no silver, can not hire engineers, sales staff, there is no way to improve infrastructure. These fuel problems will eventually kill their creativity, their company will die. But that’s not what I’m talking about.

now, Zhang Ergou, Li Tiedan, Wang sledgehammer has the following options:

1 to apply to join the incubator, may be refused, and then spent 35 months learning how to sell your ideas for the wind.

2 moved to Silicon Valley (at least temporarily), put down the research projects to focus on financing. They need to see all kinds of people, hold a wide range of hands, drink different flavors of coffee. In order to meet the investor’s ideas, creative proposals to be changed. In the next period of time to repeat the above things, until the money or directly into the

in the sand hill road (Silicon Valley venture capital company gathered many) a venture capital company, Zhang Ergou, Li Tiedan, Wang sledgehammer is a venture to introduce their venture project, Zhang felt two dogs mind is very good, very.

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