Now do poineering work Taobao do better

because people often ask this question, so write an article about my point of view.

generally speaking, I think: Taobao venture for 95% of people can not succeed. Because he has several inborn thresholds:

1, you have a relatively unique source. Although the stock never a problem, but a good supply is badly in need of the eye. Did not do business, to determine the source of good to do, it is basically not allowed to judge. I met a lot of people, want to open a Taobao shop, and then casually engage in some of the products on the Taobao store, so that it can sell. Now there are Taobao store with prepaid card. Even this step judgment are not, how could it happen? If you want to know what kind of products? That can look at the Taobao special offer every day, there are a lot of new out of the well of the store, see what they sell? Not that you learn them, and is a reference to them;

2, shop decoration and baby description writing. This is a fine job, also need a certain skill, Taobao is not put on the product photos can on sale, because the product homogeneity serious, you must introduce their products like a good salesman. This copy is needs the skill, I wrote a N product copy, until now it does not fully grasp the secret. Of course, the basic writing is not so difficult. And PS, you have to spend some time learning the basics. This step is difficult: you need to spend 1 months time to engage in endurance, these 1 months did not return, there is no future in the future do not know (it is possible to choose the wrong product, the latter efforts are white waste). So, many people give up halfway.

3, the introduction of traffic. I remember a lot of people (including many now Taobao to do good people), they do not understand Taobao’s early method of various drainage, depends entirely on the toil fix. The introduction of Taobao traffic has a variety of skills, you need to learn a little bit. I choose the appropriate flow channels but also for their products. Drainage is the main difficulty of learning. Followed by spending money, a lot of people to do early Taobao, through the train is not experienced, so they need to spend some money to waste experience.

4, capital investment. Do not pay Taobao should not be impossible. Even if the distribution, deposit, through the car, brush sales these are the need to spend money, when there is no money, so much money invested, the risk is still.

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above the problem, beat 95% of Taobao entrepreneurs.

below to talk about the rest of the 5% made (began to earn money by Taobao), what will be the problem?

1, general Taobao entrepreneurs are not particularly good products, they >

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