Wangzhuan Wangzhuan income level decision

The rapid development of the industry now Wangzhuan

, most people hope to be able to share in the higher world cup of soup, but in the network, some people earn only a few dollars, a few hundred dollars monthly income of some people, even some people can more than 10000 yuan, what is this why. Is the project, the ability or because the timing is wrong. Jiaxing’s baby Wangzhuan network after thousands of members of the interview, draw the following conclusions: the higher income, you see the key at any level Wangzhuan industry! Simply, Wangzhuan is divided into three levels, the following details carefully.

: the first layer to the public, almost occupies about seventy percent Wangzhuan practitioners. These people are at the bottom of Wangzhuan, they are engaged in the most simple and basic project Wangzhuan, nothing more than a click, investigation, games, browsing and so on. These projects are almost free, and in the domestic development has been relatively mature. But making money is quite limited. Some people even at home will become even the description of the project are not able to make the electricity network project. But these projects still have nearly seventy percent of the people in the operation, why, the key is to look at the operation of these projects what is the property.

According to the

Jiaxing baby Wangzhuan network statistics, the operation of these projects are at work, or at leisure, life is good, but there is a common point is around must open a computer, so that the computer open is open, so he was born in the operation of these projects people. These people’s income is the lowest Wangzhuan in these people generally not what skills are difficult to even computer skilled operation, the project is operating income is very low, but due to the ability of the problem, can only start from the foundation project.

second layer: this level people are generally fought in the Wangzhuan industry for more than a year, they also start from the basis of the project, but after constantly sum up slowly give up low income Wangzhuan project, almost all of them have their own Wangzhuan Wangzhuan site, blog or Wangzhuan QQ group, also in income a few hundred dollars, or even thousands of yuan. This level of Wangzhuan fans after the operation began to summarize the experience of higher investment projects, such as bidding, the sale of Taobao, SEO tutorial, optimization project, Jiaxing Wangzhuan present at this level baby.

at this level of people in a continuous learning process, their learning ability and executive ability are relatively high. At the level of the people in general are know-it-all, what things are understood, which can provide the basis for a higher level of Wangzhuan next promotion. At this level of people accounted for about twenty-five percent of the staff Wangzhuan industry.

third, the level of people hold the lifeline and the forward direction of wangzhuan. In fact, the leader of almost every industry are very few, this level only accounted for about five percent of all income Wangzhuan practitioners, in more than 10000 yuan. Almost all of them are engaged in training Wangzhuan stage. Because they have found a pair of eyes, to discover and develop new Wangzhuan.

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