Personal Adsense entrepreneurial success continues to expand the boundaries of the nternet

is very popular now about O2O, personally feel that O2O is not suitable for the development of the Internet, not even the mainstream for the future development of the Internet, if the Internet as a towering tree, then, to support its growing roots, the two is not to fight the enemy separately, differentiation, from coarse to fine, and continuously explore new in the field, obtain new nutrients, finally let the tree with luxuriant foliage, and the O2O model, as their Internet consumption, fight the enemy separately, prosperity is the result of concerted efforts, rather than a web site, a group of the results, as personal webmaster, how can in the fierce competition especially "success powers pattern" the Internet has been with? If the ass was the hot pursuit of what, what, such as hot O2O mode now, there will be The future?

to talk about the Internet development from the field of electronic commerce, the earliest grassroots webmaster do more cattle is 123, as the originator of the site navigation, the successful 123 generations insurmountable, we put a good 123 as coarse dry field of electronic commerce a tree down, the development is the shopping guide website, do more good, beautiful, because these shopping guide website for the electronic commerce website services, and through access to trading commissions as the main means of profit, is restricted by the results of the electronic commerce website, shopping guide website how to be independent? Guide is designed to let users get affordable high quality goods so there was group purchase website, group purchase website can be extended and the price advantage of the shopping guide website, group purchase website is down to earth, almost access network group purchase The users of the station are local consumers, which is more and more close to the O2O mode!

webmaster will say, group purchase site seems to be beautiful to say, than out earlier, indeed, but the early may not be recognized by the market, many Internet products and died because of the premature, such examples are not uncommon, the earliest dating website a few live in the present, between the group purchase in the online shopping website is not particularly widespread conditions emerge overnight in 1000, the outcome, most

withdraw troops in a hurry!

group purchase website to seize the user online shopping cheap psychology, this is far from enough, if online shopping and cheap into sign, so e-commerce is meaningless, Internet real e-commerce, is to establish a business channel, instead of selling cheap goods flea market! Group purchase website is also flawed, for example a chain of restaurants, participate in group purchase, developed in the mobile Internet today, a user has come to this restaurant, if he is a "group purchase control", asked whether the restaurant service what to do? If you have entered the store and then open the mobile phone purchase group purchase coupons, this it is not only unfair to other users did not participate in group purchase, and restaurants in intangible loss of the turnover of


so, and now popular since the media, since the development of the media and buy site comparison, pay more attention to the word of mouth effect, >

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